With the way things are going, we’re all wondering how on earth are we going to pull off Passover. Between social distancing, quarantines, working from home, homeschooling, supermarket shortages, economic shutdowns, the fear and paranoia, Jews preparing for Passover are faced with an even bigger nightmare this year than usual. So what can you do when you’re a few weeks away from Passover and all the stores are either empty or closed? You shop online, of course! Here in Israel, we’re still working hard to provide you with everything you need for the holidays, so if you’re shopping for great Passover supplies, check out our Buying Guide below to see what we have in store for you! 


Considering how easily Covid-19 spreads, its probably a good idea to make sure each person at your Seder table has their own Haggadah that is just for their use. We would even recommend getting a couple extra and asking that everyone labels their Haggadahs to avoid confusion. Check out our incredible selection of stunning Haggadahs to find the perfect one for you!   




Seder Plates:

For thousands of years, Seder Plates have been the customary dishes used on Passover to serve the traditional foods eaten at the Seder, and typically, most people use the same plate year after year, but considering how we could all use something to cheer us up, perhaps now would be a good time to think of picking out a new one. Also, it would make a lot of sense to have more than one Seder Plate at your table this year, that way people aren’t lumped too closely together in order to reach the Charoset. Our personal favorite would have to be this stunning, colorful Armenian Ceramic Seder Plate or this gorgeous Painted Glass Seder Plate by Lily Art!     


Elijah Cups

Elijah Cups are very interesting objects that hold a deep significance on Seder night. The prophet Elijah was one of the holiest men in Jewish history and there is a timeless tradition to “invite” him to Brit Milah ceremonies and open the door for him towards the conclusion of the Seder so that he may “drink” from the fifth cup of wine poured in his honor. There’s a lot of symbolism to this fifth cup-the Cup of Elijah, which is why Elijah Cups are often bigger or more ornate than ordinary Kiddush Cups so that it is clear that this particular cup is set aside for the prophet that many believe will be the one to announce the coming of the Moshiach. With all the crazy things that are currently happening in the world, many think it’s possible that we are entering the times of the Moshiach, so there’s no better time than now to get an Elijah Cup! The ones from Israel are particularly beautiful, especially this stunningly painted Yair Emanuel Elijah Cup and Saucer. Made by one of Israel’s most legendary artists, this delightful Cup will brighten any Seder table with its vibrantly colored scenes of Jerusalem’s Old City!       


Matzah Covers and Afikoman Bags

We eat a lot of Matzah over Passover, but on Seder night, only 3 pieces are used ritually during the Seder and for most of the night, they are kept covered, except for the moment when the middle Matzah is broken and the larger half, called the Afikoman, is hidden away for the children to find later. This is why having Matzah Covers and Afikoman Bags are so important to the holiday, and why they are often given as gifts, but while people who are accustomed to hosting Passover each year usually have a set or two in their Passover cabinet, those who are now unable to go over to their families because of the Coronavirus may find themselves in need of Passover essentials like Matzah Covers and Afikoman Bags. Luckily, Israel has a marvelous assortment of beautiful Covers and Bags such as this stunningly Embroidered Set by Yair Emanuel or this colorfully printed Set by Barbara Shaw!     


Matzah Trays

Matzah Trays are really great to have around to decorate your table on Passover, but they are especially essential now when we could all use something to make us smile. Our beautiful selection of Matzah Trays from Israel features gorgeous designs, magnificent colors, and fantastic silhouettes that will make them stand out and bring elegance to your holiday table. If you’re looking for something really special for this year, we highly recommend this outstanding Dorit Judaica Matzah Tray!   



Kosher Wines

One of the main rituals of Passover involves drinking the Four Cups of wine. Since each person is obligated to fulfill this mitzvah themselves, that means that many bottles of wine are needed for the Seder. Here in Israel, we have some of the finest Kosher Wines in the world, and nothing could be better for your Seder night than to celebrate Passover with the taste of Israel! We carry a huge variety of Kosher Wines, including sweet, semi-dry, and dry reds, whites, and even delicious dessert wines for you to try. A few of our most popular bottles are our Galil Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon, Golan Merlot, and Yarden Mount Hermon Red.  


Passover Themed Gifts

This year’s Passover is going to be a harder year than most, as the majority of us can no longer go to stay with family or friends as we originally planned, but while it’s certainly disappointing that we can't enjoy the holiday the way we wanted to, there are still ways to have fun despite everything that’s happening. A good way to stay entertained on Passover and lighten up the atmosphere would definitely be to get yourself a few nice Passover-themed gifts like this humorous Keep Calm and Seder On Mug or this Ma Nishtana Apron, both made by Israel’s quirky modern artist, Barbara Shaw.

Our dearest friends, we know that everyone is going through a tough time, but on behalf of Israel, we at Judaica WebStore would like to offer our international friends a happy, healthy, and safe Passover and remind you all that we are still here to help you make this year’s Passover as special as possible. Have a Chag Sameach everyone!