Silver Jewish JewelrySilver Jewish jewelry has its place in the world just as gold Jewish jewelry does. With styles for both men and women, there are over one thousand designs to choose from, each one more unique than the next and an essential part to anyone's jewelry collection. Silver Jewish jewelry has a softer look to it, and can be worn at anytime, from casual to elegant wear. There are dozens of different themes and types of jewelry available in a stunning silver look, and the choice is up to you whether you want silver plated or 925 sterling silver. Either option leaves you with a beautiful piece of jewelry you will adore wearing.

Jewish Charms

Silver Jewish CharmsJewish charms are the perfect addition to your snake chain charm bracelet, something that has been making a comeback in recent years. All the classic traditional Jewish symbols like the Torah and Star of David, and pieces from Torah stories are available on a charm, like David's Harp and Noah's Ark add a spiritual touch to your jewelry. There are also personalized charms and beads that show everyone this bracelet is yours. Some of the charms are done in all silver, while others have Roman glass or Eilat stone as the main attraction. A dainty addition to your charm bracelet, these are a great way to add a little bit of Judaism into your style.

❤︎ We love the Ten Commandments charm and this Israeli Flag charm.

Shema Yisrael Silver Jewelry

Silver Shema Yisrael JewelryShema Yisrael silver jewelry is a classic piece of Jewish jewelry found in most jewelry boxes. Spinning rings, bracelets, necklaces, and cufflinks can all be found adorning this special prayer which is said everyday. Aside from being just silver, many of these incorporate gold, Swarovski crystal like this Nano Jewelry necklace, cubic zirconia, and different stones that make each piece incredibly beautiful and one of a kind. There is even one with sand inside so you can carry a piece of Israel with you wherever you go. Shema Yisrael jewely ranges from incredible simple pieces like this diamond shaped necklace to intricate and delicate, but none will disappoint.

❤︎ We love this flat circular necklace and this spinning ring

Hamsa Silver Jewelry

Silver Hamsa JewelryIf you enjoy a little bit of Jewish mysticism, Hamsa jewelry is where you should start your search. Hamsas are known to ward away the Evil Eye and have been worn as an amulet for hundreds of years and are decorated with Roman Glass, Eilat Stone, Jerusalem Stone, or just beautifully done and made of solid silver. There is a personalized Hamsa with Swarovski or stunning cut-outs with initials for something very meaningful and Hamsas that will bring history alive from the Israel Museum, like this one based off an amulet from Kurdistan. Hamsas have even made their way into the fashion world, so owning a silver Hamsa like this one with pearls, is a way to make a statement while fitting in.

❤︎ We love this Roman Glass and silver necklace and this Sarah's Hand necklace.

Israeli Army Jewelry

Silver IDF JewelryIf you love the Israeli Defense Forces and want to show off just how much you support this moral army, Israeli Army Jewelry is perfect for you! Aside for the classic IDF emblem in two different looks, one with a solid background and one that is a cut-out, you can also choose between your favorite IDF units! Top unit emblems like Paratroopers or Tzanchanim in Hebrew, Golani, Givati, and the Israeli Navy seals have been turned into meaningful necklaces for anyone. These sterling silver necklaces are top quality and are a fantastic gift for someone who appreciates the IDF and Israel. Wear it every day or to your next pro-Israel event!

❤︎ We love this Givati necklace.