The Star of David is the most famous symbol of the Jewish people and Israel, sometimes known as the "Shied of David" (Magen David in Hebrew) or "Jewish star," with a long history - which you can read more about in our recent Star of David blog post.

In addition to gracing the Israeli national flag, countless synagogues, and many other emblems of Jewish and Israeli institutions, the Star of David is often used to express pride in and connection to one's Jewish heritage. It's thus commonly incorporated into Judaica, jewelry, and other personal expressions of Jewishness. Naturally, many Israeli artists and designers feature the beloved six-pointed star in their work, and we have hundreds of Star of David gifts with this iconic motif.

Whether you're looking for a meaningful addition to your home or wardrobe, or a special gift for a loved one, a Star of David item is sure to be treasured for years to come. Keep reading for our favorite home décor, Judaica, and clothing with everyone’s favorite Jewish symbol, all designed and crafted in the Land of Israel.

And if you're looking for Star of David jewelry, we have a top 10 list for that as well!



1. Yair Emanuel Hand Painted Star of David Wall Hanging

Add a colorful element of Jewish pride and symbolism to your home with this hand painted metal wall hanging from famous Jerusalem-based artist Yair Emanuel. Masterfully crafted, it combines multiple classic Jewish decorative motifs, by featuring a Star of David adorned with an elaborate pomegranate design and a refined filigree motif. Both beautiful and meaningful, this wall art will take a prominent place in your home for years to come!







2. Ofek Wertman Kinetic Star of David Clock

This exceptional kinetic wall clock from Israeli designer Ofek Wertman will wow your guests or make for a stunning and unique gift! The clock consists of four layered metal plates in various sizes printed with the Star of David design in parts. With a rotating mechanism, every day the Star of David symbol will be completed four times – twice at 12 and twice at 6. It can be hung up on a wall or stood up on any surface with its own stand, so it can bring its wonderfully unique style to any area of the house!

See a video of how it works!





3. Jerusalem Kiddush Cup With Star of David

Connect your next Shabbat or holiday meal to Jerusalem and your Jewish heritage with this magnificent designer Kiddush cup from the Land of Israel. Beautifully crafted from nickel, it features an intricate artistic depiction of the Holy City of Jerusalem along the goblet and base, with a prominent Star of David on top. It also comes with a matching saucer in order to help protect against wine stains.








4. Israel Museum Star of David Hanukkah Menorah

This beautiful and timeless polished brass menorah from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem is a replica of a classic early 20th century Central European design. Adorning its top is a prominent Star of David, exemplifying the Zionist passion of the time period. It comes with our free Hanukkah blessings booklet, a certificate of authenticity from the Israel Museum, and a description of its historical background. Several options of handmade Israeli candles are also available.

Learn more about the Israel Museum's historic Hanukkah menorahs with our informative blog post!






5. "I Stand with Israel" Flag T-Shirt (Choice of Colors)

The Israeli flag with its striking Star of David design is the ultimate show of Jewish pride. And what better way to display both your Jewish identity and your support for the Jewish state than with our popular "I Stand with Israel" t-shirt straight from the Holy Land! It features a large Israeli flag design and is available in 8 different colors and a range of sizes.










6. Handmade Blue Star of David Ceramic Mezuzah with 24K Gold

Enrich the doorpost of any room in your home with this stunning ceramic mezuzah case handcrafted by the artisans at Tel Aviv-based studio Art in Clay. It's beautifully adorned with a repeating Star of David motif and 24K gold detailing around the perimeter and on the prominent shin letter representing God's name. You can add a kosher Sefardic or Ashkenazi scroll at an additional cost, and you'll be ready to fulfill the commandment of mezuzah while honoring your faith and heritage in style.







7. Customizable Silver-Plated Shofar with Star of David

Add a special touch to your holiday rituals or everyday home décor with a beautifully made personalized shofar! This special ram's horn, available in a choice of sizes, is plated with high-quality sterling silver and elegantly decorated with a gold-colored Star of David along with a customized name of your choosing in either English or Hebrew. Each shofar is lovingly and carefully made according to Halacha (Jewish law) by the artists at Barsheshet-Ribak, a family-run business dating back to 14th-century Spain and today operating in the Land in Israel.







8. Hatikvah Star of David T-Shirt (Choice of Colors)

This unique Star of David t-shirt has the words of Hatikva, Israel's national anthem, in both Hebrew and English transliteration written in the shape of a Star of David. This special Israeli souvenir will be a meaningful and stylish way of honoring both your Jewishness and your love for the Land of Israel wherever you go! Choose from 8 rich colors and a variety of sizes for the perfect fit.












9. Jordana Klein "Judaism of Joy" Glass Challah Tray

Add a colorful motif and meaningful Jewish imagery to your shabbat and holiday meals with this lovely decorated glass challah tray from Jerusalemite artist Jordana Klein. It boasts a medley of Jewish and Israeli motifs interspersed with an array of vibrant colors: the Israeli flag, the stone walls of the Old City of Jerusalem adorned with musical notes, radiant Shabbat candles, and loaves of challah. We also have an optional display stand available at an additional cost, so you can show it off as an eye-catching work of art when not in use.






10. Yair Emanuel Embroidered Tallit & Kippa Set

Coming straight from the Jerusalem studio of renowned Israeli Judaica artist Yair Emanuel is this elegant embroidered cotton set - featuring a tallit along with a matching tallit bag and kippa, all adorned with vibrant blue designs incorporating Star of David motifs. Available in a choice of two different sizes, it makes for a beautiful and meaningful way of connecting to Jewish ritual.

Want to learn more about the ritual of wearing a tallit and where it comes from? Check out our Tallit 101 blog post!





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