Jewelry can have a huge impact on our appearance, so with the right accessory, we can feel more confident or more in touch with our inner selves. If you're looking to find a classic Jewish trinket that speaks to you and fits your personality then we think you should start your search by browsing our exceptional selection of Star of David Jewelry! In our amazing article on The Meaning of the Star of David, we explored the history and significance behind the legendary six-pointed figure that became one of Judaism’s most iconic and identifiable symbols, but today we’ll be exploring something else – incredible ideas on how to wear this spectacular Jewish emblem! For generations, Jews have been incorporating this meaningful design into art, architecture, and fashion; so naturally, we thought it would be nice to talk about some of the amazing pieces of jewelry we have in store for you! Continue reading below to discover our top picks for spectacular designer jewelry from Israel that captures the Jewish essence perfectly!

Star of David Earrings

Few things are more sophisticated or more flattering than a fabulous pair of earrings, especially ones featuring a classic Star of David design! Whether you're looking for something dainty and delicate like these tasteful 14K Gold Star of David Studs or you prefer something a bit more dramatic such as these diamond-studded White Gold Star of David Hanging Earrings, all you need to do is check out our collection of beautiful Star of David Earrings to discover sensational and meaningful jewelry you’ll love! With many different styles and designs to uncover from world-famous Israeli artists, go ahead and give yourself the chance to dazzle and shine like the stars with a stunning piece of Star of David Jewelry!




Star of David Bracelets

An empty wrist is just begging for some attention, so make sure you stand out from the crowd and take your style game to the next level with a stunning new Star of David Bracelet from Israel! Delicate in design but magnificent in splendor, our marvelous selection of designer wrist-wear boasts some of the most stylish accessories available on the market, including options like this chic Black and Gold Wrap Bracelet or this beautifully beaded Gold-Plated Eilat Stone Bracelet. We also carry a spectacular assortment of Star of David Bracelet Charms so we’re certain you’ll find something trendy and special that’s right for you!





Star of David Necklaces and Pendants

If you've been on the hunt for the perfect accessory to accent your look, then we highly recommend you check out our amazing collection of Star of David Necklaces and Pendants to discover exactly what you’ve been looking for! Knowing how hard it could be to find something special to fit your taste, we’ve made it our mission to offer a tantalizing selection of jewelry that holds everything from high-end trinkets made with gold and diamonds to simpler styles designed in silver and gemstones – so if you can’t find your dream accessory here, chances are it doesn’t exist! While we have hundreds of unique, breathtaking options for you to explore, our personal favorites include this exquisite Gold and Enamel Star of David Pendant with Diamonds, this Gold-Plated Star of David Nano Necklace with Shema, or this Classic Silver Star of David Necklace with a stylish hammered finish!


Star of David Rings

Don’t waste your time shopping at the local mall when you can enjoy the world’s finest collection of breathtaking Star of David Rings right here! We carry an amazing assortment of captivating and unique trinkets made in every material, style, and design imaginable so if you want to find something truly irresistible, try starting your search with this wonderfully charming Shooting Star of David Wraparound Ring! If that one doesn’t quite interest you, then maybe something like this sparkling Silver and Zircon Star of David Ring or this striking Gold Wire Woven Star of David Ring will!




Star of David Personalized Name Jewelry

Not overly impressed with ordinary Personalized Name Jewelry? Then perhaps you should try looking at a Star of David Name Necklace instead! These fabulous trinkets combine the beauty of your name with the meaningful value of the Star of David symbol, making them the perfect balance of modern and traditional. Designed to be admired, something like this delightful Gold-Plated Name Necklace with Star of David Charm or this Silver Star of David Name Necklace might be the right choice for you or a loved one!



Proudly wear something that symbolizes thousands of years of Jewish history by exploring our extensive collection of exquisite Israeli jewelry to discover your perfect Star of David!