The Star of David has been associated with Judaism since at least the third century CE, and was officially adopted by the State of Israel as its national flag in 1948. The six-pointed star has roots in spiritual mysticism and is deeply associated with Jewish traditions and a Jewish sense of identity. Today, a Magen David represents Judaism, Israel and Zionism, and its iconic shape decorates synagogues, art and Judaica pieces across the world. Thousands of Jews proudly wear the emblematic star on a piece of jewelry, and Judaica WebStore boasts an impressive collection of Star of David pieces. This Buying Guide should help you decide which beautiful item is right for you:

  • Star of David Earrings: Our range of silver, gold and gold plated earrings is comprised of beautiful sets which feature intricate metalwork, elegant designs and beautiful semi-precious stones and embellishments such as Roman class and millefiori polymer clay. These delicate earrings would make a suitably elegant yet surprisingly affordable gift, particularly for a Bat Mitzvah girl.
  • Star of David Rings: Our collection of beautiful gold and silver rings perfectly showcase the exceptional talent of Israeli designers. Some of these pieces feature innovative metalwork and tiny, delicate inscriptions of Hebrew prayers; many are inlaid with luxurious precious and semi-precious stones, such as diamond, onyx and turquoise. Many of these rings are suitable for men.
  • Star of David Bracelets: Featuring a wide selection of unisex items, our selection of bracelets ranges from elegant simplicity to chunky pieces in bright, vibrant colors, and includes fashion pieces, delicate silver chains, leather bands and quirky painted bangles. We carry a selection of pieces based on the Kabbalistic niotion that a red string protects its wearer from the evil eye, and several bracelets are inscribed with Hebrew or Kabbalistic prayers.
  • Star of David Pendants: We carry a huge assortment of pendants and necklaces, so you are guaranteed to find exactly what you're looking for somewhere in our fabulous collection. We offer classic, straightforward designs in high-quality silver and 14K yellow and white gold, perfect for those seeking a plain, uncomplicated pendant. Other simple designs feature sections of the star's structure delicately interwoven, and many have passages from prayers and Kabbalah intended to protect the wearer inscribed onto the Magen David. Lots of these pendants are inlaid with beautiful fragments of Roman glass: others are embellished with semi-precious stones such as opals, garnets and turquoises while some are formed from mother-of-pearl, onyx and pieces of Jerusalem stone. There are many unique, innovative and extraordinary designs, such as symbolic keys, Stars of David formed from hearts and doves, and stars suspended inside circles or slender Hamsa silhouettes.


Proudly wearing something that symbolizes thousands of years of Jewish history connects you to our ancient heritage, rich culture and beautiful land. With our extensive collection of exquisite Israeli jewelry, your perfect Star of David is just waiting to be discovered.