While every Jewish holiday is interesting and unique in its own way, Sukkot might just be the most fascinating of them all. Also known as the Festival of Booths, the commandment to celebrate Sukkot comes directly from the Torah. For an entire week, we are instructed to spend time inside little wooden booths called Sukkahs, which we build right before the holiday to commemorate the miraculous protective shelters G-d provided for the Children of Israel while they wandered in the desert for 40 years. These unique, S’chach-covered temporary dwellings are where we will eat, pray, and occasionally even sleep beneath the stars during the week-long holiday. 

Fun Fact! In the Torah, Sukkot goes by 2 names. The first is Chag HaSukkot, the Festival of Booths, referring to the obligation to build and dwell in Sukkahs during the holiday, while Sukkot’s second name, Chag HaSayif, the Festival of Ingathering, refers to its second purpose: commemorating the gathering of the harvest. In the times of the Holy Temple, Sukkot was one of the Shalosh Regalim, the Three Pilgrimage Festivals where Jews from all over Israel traveled to Jerusalem to worship at the Temple. While unfortunately, we no longer have the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, we still have our beautiful and timeless holiday traditions, as well as lots of stunning holiday gifts and Judaica to enjoy, so continue reading below to find out more about our top picks for Sukkot Gifts from Israel


Etrog Boxes

An Etrog, or citron in English, is a very special and unique fruit that plays a huge role during Sukkot. Similar to a lemon in color and shape, Etrogs have a thick, often bumpy rind, very little pulp, and occasionally, a curious clove-shaped knob on the tip called a pitom. One of Sukkot’s iconic Four Species, Etrogs are prized and treasured items that are treated with great respect, as any damage to the fruit can render it unusable for ritual use. Because Etrogs are extremely delicate, particularly if they have their pitom still attached, many people choose to invest in an Etrog Box to keep theirs safe from harm. Today, Etrog Boxes come in a variety of styles and designs to suit every taste and budget. Some, like this charming Yair Emanuel Etrog Box, is beautifully painted with a colorful Jerusalem motif, while others, such as this Faux Leather Etrog Box, feature a more classy and sophisticated design while remaining budget-friendly and practical. For more options, check out our entire selection of incredible Etrog Boxes from Israel to find the perfect one for you!    


Lulav Bags

While Etrogs are the first of the Arba Minim, the Four Species of Sukkot, the Lulav is the combined arrangement of the other three Species. Comprising of the Lulav - the closed, spiky frond of a date palm, a sprig of Hadass - a myrtle branch, and a leafy cutting of Aravah - the branch from a willow tree; these three Species are customarily tied together at the base of the palm frond and referred to collectively as the “Lulav.” Over the week-long holiday of Sukkot, your Lulav, along with your Etrog, will become some of your most precious possessions! However, like the Etrog, Lulavs are also very delicate, and since you’ll be toting it around for prayers, one of the smartest things you can do is protect your special Lulav with a splendid Lulav Bag from Israel! Beautiful, practical, and convenient, a Lulav Bag like this amazing Faux Leather Lulav Bag will make the perfect Sukkot gift for anyone who wants to keep their Lulav safe!



As with most Jewish holidays, Sukkot has its own set of special prayers, and thankfully, all of them can be conveniently found in a special Machzor book! While there aren’t really any Sukkot-specific prayer books (if we had individual prayer books for each holiday, we’d all have to get a couple of extra bookshelves!) but luckily, Sukkot prayers can be found in amazing Siddurs like this Koren-Sacks Siddur for Shabbat and Festivals, or in special sets like this stunning 3-Volume Koren Classic Machzor Set!  


Honey Dishes

Even though several weeks have passed since Rosh Hashanah, many people still enjoy dipping their challah bread in honey until sometime after Sukkot. This is because we are still in the first few weeks of the new Jewish year, so some people follow the custom of keeping things sweet so the rest of the year will continue to be as pleasant as it began. That said, if you still didn’t get yourself a new Honey Dish for Rosh Hashanah or simply want a special, unique one just for Sukkot, we have an entire plethora of gorgeous Israeli Honey Dishes from Israel’s finest artists for you to explore and enjoy! From simple models to grand, luxurious variations, the Honey Dish of your dreams is waiting for you to discover it here!   


Israeli Honey

Regardless of whether you need a new Honey Dish or not, if you’re going to be filling any pot with Honey, it might as well be Honey from Israel! Of all the many delicious delights we have to offer, you can’t get a sweeter or tastier treat from the Land of Israel than our delicious Honey! Dripping with goodness in every spoonful, our store carries some of the finest quality honey available so don’t forget to check out delightful treats such as this jar of Jerusalem Hills Honey from Yad Mordechai or this Lin’s Farm “Sweet Delights” Honey Gift Box


Israeli Wine

One thing’s for sure: when any Jewish holiday comes around, the thing we’re most excited about is the food! And since almost every holiday meal begins with making Kiddush and HaMotzi, the special sanctifying prayers said on bread and wine, the only thing we can think of that could make your festive meals taste even better is a memorable bottle (or two!) of delicious Israeli Wine! From full-bodied and smooth-textured red wines like Gamla’s Cabernet Sauvignon to crisp dessert wines like this sweet Mount Hermon Moscato, our range of premium Israeli Wines is definitely worth exploring!


Sukkot Decorations

Preparing for a week-long holiday can be exhausting, but once you get your Sukkah up, half of the work is over and now, you can have tons of fun decorating it! Whether you plan on hanging up homemade decorations or strings of twinkling fairy lights or even decide on giving your family’s Sukkah a taste of Israel with spectacular Israeli posters such as these charming 5-Poster Set of Sukkah Posters or this amazing Kotel Poster, whatever adornments you put in your Sukkah, we’re sure it will look beautiful and special!   


Well, dear readers, once again, we’ve reached the end of yet another holiday Buying Guide! As always, we hope we were able to give you some nice ideas on what sort of gifts and supplies you could get from Israel to make your holidays even more exciting and special and we wish you all a very happy Sukkot! 

Chag Sameach from Israel everyone!