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  • Kiddush Buying Guide

    Kiddush Buying Guide

    Before meals on Shabbat and holidays, Kiddush is said over wine and in an elegant goblet. Kiddush is a way to sanctify the holy day, as the word literally means "sanctification", but it is also a wa...

  • Lin's Farm Buying Guide

    Lin's Farm Buying Guide

    Lin's Farm's story begins in 1935 with Uriel Lin, a young boy, working in the fields of the Jezreel Valley who dreams of one day starting his own farm. Years later, Uriel Lin's dream comes true as h...

  • Gifts That Say "I Love You"- 2019 Edition

    Gifts That Say "I Love You"- 2019 Edition

    Looking for a gift to describe just how much you love someone is not always an easy thing. In the past we have made a buying guide for Gifts That Say "I Love You" but since then, the Judaica WebStor...

  • Israeli Food Guide

    Israeli Food Guide

    It's might not be obvious, but Israel has some of the best food in the world! The small country was built up by thousands of immigrants that choose to keep part of their native traditional food whil...

  • Havdalah Set Buying Guide

    Havdalah Set Buying Guide

    Havdalah Sets are an important piece of Judaica. On Saturday night, right as there are three stars in the sky, the Jewish people begin to prepare for a new week. Havdalah, translating to "separate", i...

  • Sukkot Buying Guide

    Sukkot Buying Guide

    Sukkot, also know as the Feast of the Tabernacle, is one of the longest Jewish holidays, lasting for an entire week.  In Temple times, it was considered one of the Pilgrimage Festivals, where the en...

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