We just finished celebrating the Israelites' liberation from slavery in Egypt through the Jewish holiday of Passover, but there is still more to celebrate! On the 5th of Iyar, which falls on May 5 this year, Jews in Israel and around the world will gather with friends and family to celebrate Yom Haatzmaut, or Israel's Independence Day. 2022 marks 74 years since the Jewish state's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, declared Israel's independence in Tel Aviv in a rush before Shabbat started and the British Mandate was set to expire. Each passing year only gives us more to celebrate when it comes to Israel, like its rich culture, decadent cuisine, and amazing technological advances. We have a wide selection of Israel, Jerusalem, and IDF themed gifts that will allow you to show off your love and pride for the Jewish state both on May 5 and year-round! Since there is so much to choose from, we handpicked our Top 10 favorites to make your search a little easier.


1. 73 Years of Israel T-Shirt

This unisex t-shirt is made especially for 2021 Israel's Independence Day celebrations, as it features the number 73 with a heart, the Star of David, and the word "Israel" written in both English and Hebrew. Available in five sizes and 11 colors, this t-shirt is perfect for anyone looking to commemorate Yom Haatzmaut 2021 and remember this special holiday for years to come!

Price: $17.99



2. "I Have No Other Land" Sterling Silver and Gold Necklace

This sterling silver Star of David necklace features the line "I have no other land" in Hebrew, a popular Israeli song that debuted in the 1980s and has become symbolic of the Jewish people's connection to the Land of Israel. A gold outline of Israel is featured in the middle of the star, adding an extra bit of dazzle to this already elegant piece of jewelry designed and crafted in Israel itself!

Price: $114



3. Teddy Bear in Israeli Flag Sweatshirt

The kids in your life will love to cuddle with this adorable teddy bear who is outfitted with an Israeli flag sweatshirt and has a heart-shaped Israeli flag sewn onto its foot. This teddy bear is the perfect way to send a piece of Israel to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or any Israel lover in your life. This souvenir will be cherished for years to come by whomever is lucky enough to be gifted it!

Price: $9.99



4. Israeli Flag

What better way to show of your love for the Jewish state than by proudly flying its flag for all to see? Available in three different sizes, this versatile polyester Israeli flag can be hung on the wall, flown outside on a flag pole, or displayed on a balcony. You can send this flag to a loved one as a gift, or buy it for yourself to show the world where your heart lies, both on Yom Haatzmaut and year-round!

Price: Starting at $5.99



5. 73 Years of Israel Mug

There's no better way to start your day than with a hot drink and a reminder of Israel. This ceramic white mug features the number 73, representing the 73 years since Israel declared its independence in 1948. The mug also features the word "Israel" written in both English and Hebrew. Mark Yom Haatzmaut 2021 with this special, sturdy mug that can be used for drinks, holding pens on your desk, or as décor on a bookshelf!

Price: $14.99



6. Kotel and Temple Mount Square Wooden Clock - designed by Ofek Wertman

One of the most special places in Israel is the Kotel, also known as the Western Wall. While you might not be able to celebrate Israel's Independence Day in Jerusalem this year due to the pandemic, you can bring this stylish and modern piece of Jerusalem into your home. Featuring a painting of the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, this wooden clock is a timeless reminder of the Holy City of Jerusalem!

Price: $37.99



7. Sterling Silver Am Yisrael Chai Necklace

While the phrase Am Yisrael Chai can be traced back to the Tanakh, it is often used today as a chant, especially on Israel's Independence Day. Meaning "the Jewish nation lives on," this necklace features the first two words - Am Yisrael - engraved into a sterling silver Chai. Perfect for men and women alike, this is more than an accessory: this necklace is a reflection of the Jewish people's resilience throughout history, both in the Land of Israel and abroad.

Price: $59.99



8. Freestanding Israeli Flag

Want to add a subtle reminder of Israel to your table, office, bookshelf, or elsewhere? This small Israeli flag is attached to a sturdy flagpole and base, perfect for your home or office. While simple, this freestanding Israeli flag is a meaningful way to show your support for Israel and the Jewish people, and a bold reminder of the only Jewish state in the world! 

Price: $3.95



9. Mesh 73 Years of Israel Hat

Israel only turns 73 once, so make sure to stock up on your 73 years of Israel attire while you can! Featuring the word "Israel" in both English and Hebrew, this baseball camp has a mesh back and an adjustable strap, so it's suitable for anyone! This hat is especially perfect if you plan on spending Israel's Independence Day having a barbecue or soaking up the sun on the beach, just like an Israeli!

Price: $8.99



10. Am Yisrael Chai T-Shirt

Featuring the Israeli flag and the words "Am Yisrael Chai" in Hebrew (translation: the Jewish nation lives on), this cotton t-shirt is full of meaning. The phrase has been repeated countless times throughout Israel's history to represent the resilience and strength of the Jewish people, and now the Jewish state. With 11 colors to choose from, you can rock your love for Israel in style. 

Price: $17.99



For even more Israel-themed gifts, check out our 2021 Buying Guide for Israel's Independence Day and our full selection of Yom Haatzmaut clothing, accessories, and gifts. Regardless of where you are and how you're celebrating, happy Yom Haatzmaut from the Judaica Webstore team in Jerusalem!