Eat like an Israeli with our bestselling made-in-Israel foods! Israel is famous the world over for its delicious and healthy food, and you too can get certain select Israeli food products shipped from our store to wherever you are, and enjoy a taste of the fruits of the "Land of Milk and Honey."

To help you get to know our store's selection of Israeli foods, we've compiled the below list of the best that the Land of Israel has to offer, with some of the most impressive health benefits and unbeatable flavors. All the food products we sell are manufactured in Israel under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and are certified kosher by Israeli rabbinic authorities, so you know you're getting the best standards and most reliable quality. (Curious what it means when food is kosher? Check out our explainer blog post here.)

And to learn more about what makes the Israeli diet and lifestyle so healthy and unique, be sure to read our Secrets to Israel’s High Life Expectancy blog post!

1. Lin's Farm Honey & Glass Apple Dish Set

Get in touch with the "Land of Milk and Honey" with this delicious, all-natural honey made right in the Land of Israel. This jar of pure goodness comes from Israeli artisanal brand Lin's Farm, and will add a burst of authentic Israeli sweetness to your tea, dessert, or any meal! Plus, this honey comes with a lovely apple-shaped dish and honey wand - perfect for serving at your shabbat or holiday meals in style.

2. Unrefined 100% Whole Sesame Tehina

Every Israeli kitchen has a jar of sesame paste called tehina, and this unrefined tehina made from whole sesame is the purest and healthiest version around! High in protein, iron, and vitamins, it's the perfect condiment, dip, or sauce for any meal. Drizzle it straight from the jar or add water and your choice of seasoning (the common Israeli formula is salt, pepper, minced garlic, and lemon juice) to create a rich and creamy consistency.

3. Granalix GranaGard Pomegranate Seed Oil Capsules

Pomegranates are the true Israeli superfood, nutrition-packed and full of antioxidants and memory-boosting properties. And the best way to get all the benefits of Israel's best indigenous fruit is through pomegranate seed oil capsules, exclusively developed by Israeli scientists at Granalix. Take two a day to boost your immune system and cognitive function, while improving your memory and energy levels. An amazing blend of the best in Israeli nature and scientific research!

Read about the importance of pomegranates in the Jewish tradition here!

4. Wissotzky Mint Tea Bags

Wissotzky, Israel's premier tea manufacturer, offers a wide range of tea blends - and our favorite is this classic mint tea. Soothing for both body and soul, tea made from mint (or in Hebrew nana) is the ultimate Israeli comfort drink. It's delicious either hot or cold, and is perfect for a relaxing evening or to soothe one's stomach or calm the nerves.

5. Bamba Peanut Snack by Osem

The most famous and popular Israeli snack, beloved by every child and adult alike for generations, is Bamba. Soft and puffy and peanut flavored, it has added vitamins, no sugar, and lower fat and salt content than many other snack foods. Its high prevalence in the Israeli diet was even cited in scientific studies as the reason for very few Israeli children developing peanut allergies. So add some nutrition to your snacking by grabbing a bag of Israel's finest!

6. Elite Instant Ground Turkish Coffee

The Middle East loves its coffee, and Israel is no different! See why foreign coffee companies have never managed to compete with Israel's homegrown favorites like Elite, with their famous Turkish-style instant ground coffee. Just add hot water and start your mornings off right with the rich, roasted flavor of this Israeli classic.

Take your coffee to the next level with a fun, Israeli-designed coffee mug!

7. Vanilla-Flavored Classic Halva

Israeli halva is a favorite in Jewish homes all over the world: a sesame-based candy that's not too sweet, with a dense, crumbly consistency that falls apart in your mouth. Halva makers in the Land of Israel add all kinds of flavor variations to really bring out and enrich the taste, and we're particularly smitten with this classic vanilla-flavored halva. It's even full of vitamins and minerals, and makes for a protein-rich dessert without unhealthy sugars!

8. Lin's Farm All-Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Part of what makes Israelis so healthy is their Mediterranean diet, characterized in part by the use of olive oil. And you too can add a touch of exquisite flavor to your cooking along with the antioxidant properties of olives grown in the Land of Israel, with this all-natural extra virgin olive oil from Lin's Farm. Great for salads, light frying, or dipping bread, you won't be able to get enough of its rich taste!

9. Pure 100% Silan Date Syrup

For a vegan alternative to honey with a richer taste and even more antibacterial properties, look no further than pure silan, a date syrup that Jews have been making in the Land of Israel since Biblical times. A natural sweetener with no added sugar, it makes a great addition to tea, desserts, sauces, or as a dip or spread. And the best version you can get from Israel today is this mess-free squeeze bottle from Yad Mordechai, one of Israel's most trusted brands.

Read more about dates, olive oil, pomegranates, and the other Biblical Seven Species here!

10. Genuine Israeli Za'atar Spice Blend

Every Israeli cook relies on this versatile herbal seasoning, and now you too can have your own Za'atar spice blend from the Land of Israel, featuring the classic Middle Eastern flavors of hyssop and sesame seeds. You will love it sprinkled over a fresh garden salad, added to meat or vegetable dishes or hummus, or baked on top of your homemade challah.

11. Dairy-Free Gelt Dark Chocolate Coins

While you might think of chocolate coins or "gelt" as a Hanukkah treat, in Israel they're also commonly associated with Purim, and make for a traditional and tasty snack year-round. This exquisite set of dark chocolate gelt is made by Israeli confectionary company Carmit, and is kosher parve, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Use our "buy more save more" discount to get multiple packs as the perfect party favor for your next get-together!

12. Flavors of Israel Collection Gift Set

Bursting with rich flavors and pleasant aromas, this collection of Israeli food is the perfect gift set to bring a touch of the Land of Israel home. The set includes: Elite Turkish instant ground coffee, soothing peppermint herbal tea by Wissotzky, 100% whole sesame tehina spread, a box of scrumptious vanilla-flavored halva, and a bottle of Israeli Za'atar spice blend. A perfect introduction to the best of Israeli food, it also makes a great gift for anyone who loves the Land of Israel!

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