Hanukkah 2022 is just around the corner, with the first night of candle lighting beginning December 18th. If you're feeling your head spinning with great gift ideas or you don't even know where to start, take a look at this list we've put together for you of 10 top-quality Hanukkah gifts for the special men in your life!

Whether you're shopping for your dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, or best friend, he'll love a meaningful present from our collection of modern and traditional Hanukkah gifts sent straight from Israel.


1. Star of David Jerusalem Stone Hanukkah Menorah Set

Dreidels and doughnuts are great, but Hanukkah isn't complete without lighting the candles each night. This sturdy menorah is made out of authentic Jeruaslem Stone and is reminiscent of the Western Wall, to help evoke the memory of the Maccabees rededicating the Temple in Jerusalem. This traditional Hanukkah gift features a Star of David in the corner, adding some decorative flair to this minimalist-styled menorah.

This item comes as a set with colorful Hanukkah candles, a wooden dreidel, and a booklet of Hanukkah blessings, perfect for the young man who has moved out to his first home.




2. Danon Silver Plated Jerusalem Dreidel

Spinning the dreidel is a festive activity for the whole family, and every man will love cashing in on the fun. This ornate metal dreidel is embossed with iconography from the old city of Jerusalem, along with the Hebrew letters nungimelhey, and peh, the initials of a phrase meaning "a miracle happened here". The dreidel is also adorned with four Swarovski Crystals in your choice of either all-blue or a rainbow set.






3. Trendy Hanukkah Hoodie

Publicize the miracle in a manner the cool kid on the block can understand. If your boyfriend, spouse, or dad has a sense of humor then this humorous hoodie will be just the thing to keep warm this winter season, while making a splash at any Hanukkah party he goes to. The hoodie comes in a range of color options, so you are guaranteed to find the style he likes. Designed in Israel and made of high-quality cotton, whomever gets this from you will want to try it on right away!






4. Holy Land Hanukkah Gift Basket

The Festival of Lights has some of the most iconic foods associated with it, but some people might want to capture all of the special flavors from the holiday that aren't only deep-fried. This kosher gift basket from the Land of Israel is perfect for tapping into your father's or husband's sweet tooth with plenty of savory options on top. Once he's finished the wine, chocolates, honey, and tahini, he'll still have beautiful keepsake decorations as well as spices and olive oil to last him for many meals to come - and he can even light his Hanukkah menorah with the oil for a traditional holiday touch.





5. "No Other Land" Silver and Gold Star of David Necklace

Hanukkah commemorates the victories of the Jewish Maccabean army against the much larger Seleucid Greek Empire, because they knew there is no other homeland for Jews than the Land of Israel. This traditional sterling silver pendant reads in Hebrew "Ein Li Eretz Acheret" (I have no other land) engraved on each horizontal bar of the Star of David. At its center is a portrait of the nation of Israel that stands out in 9K gold. He'll love this beautiful piece of inspiration he can keep close to his heart always!






6. "Dr. Dreidel" Hanukkah T-Shirt

Every Hanukkah party needs a little festivity, and what self-respecting Jewish man doesn't enjoy a bit of a pun? This "Dr. Dreidel" t-shirt is perfect for the young man in your life, or any man who's young at heart and likes to make a splash and share a laugh. It comes in several colors and he'll love the design too. It almost looks like a medical school emblem for this doctor, with that dreidel, wreath, and banner image!






7. IDF Diving Watch by Adi

Whether he's in the same time zone as the IDF or on the other side of the globe, he can keep military-like precision with this IDF diving watch, designed and built all in Israel for the perfect Hanukkah gift. The special man in your life will be in good company too, as these watches are worn by elite units in the IDF. No matter if he's in the dark or down 200 meters in the water, this watch will keep him on time in style, with plenty of other digital time-keeping functionalities and the official IDF logo.






8. Talitnia Traditional Blue & Gold Stripes Pure Wool Tallit

If you have a bar mitzvah-boy or groom-to-be who still needs a Hanukkah gift, consider getting him a pure wool tallit (prayer shawl), whether he's going to be leading the congregation or praying at home. We hope that your young man will feel the weight of the commandments on his shoulders as he cloaks himself in blue and gold striped pure wool. The side resting on his head will have the blessing for donning the tallit written out in Hebrew. Talitinia prayer shawls come with nearly 125 years of experience, now being Israel's largest provider, blending tradition and modern style.





9. Barsheshet-Ribak Temple Menorah Silver-Plated Shofar

You might think that a shofar is just for the High Holy days, but these make for gorgeous ornaments to put on display in a Jewish home any time of year. Barsheshet-Ribak's beautiful decorative shofar will look great on your father's mantle or in a bookcase, with silver plating around much of the body of the ram's horn. The design on the metal contains a menorah with 7 branches, evoking the image of the one used in the Holy Temple for the Hanukkah miracle, also seen on the Israeli coat of arms.

This shofar is custom-made, so it will be that much more special for his Hanukkah gift but may take extra time to ship.




10. Hanukkah 14K Gold Star of David & Tree of Life Necklace

Give your husband, boyfriend, dad, or brother a piece of gorgeous Jewish iconography to keep close to his heart! This pendant, a Star of David surrounding the Tree of Life, will surely top your Hanukkah gifts this year. With options of either white or yellow 14K gold, and shipped in a luxurious gift box with a holiday message, this timeless item will suit any modern or traditional style seamlessly. We know he is going to look great in it - but don't be surprised if you end up wanting one of these unisex necklaces for yourself as well!





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