>The Hanukkah 2023 holiday season is just around the corner, so you're probably searching for the best Hanukkah gifts for those nearest and dearest to you - including Mom and Dad, of course.

There’s no way to pay back all the years of support, sleepless nights, role modeling, and diaper-changing parents go through, but it’s great to just say “I love you” with a caring Hanukkah gift! Whether you see them each day or have to fly back home, you’ll want to find the perfect Jewish present for the holiday - and we've got the top 15 traditional Hanukkah gifts for parents, all made by Israeli artists, that Mom and Dad are sure to love.


1. Elegant Star of David Hanukkah Menorah

Nothing is more iconic to Hanukkah than lighting the menorah at home. Give your parents this gorgeous metal Hanukkah menorah in either brass, silver, or gold colored finishes. The Magen David or Star of David, featured prominently in the center, is a universal symbol of Judaism representing strength and protection. Show how fond the memories of lighting the Hanukkah candles with family are with this stunning menorah, to use for celebrations for years to come.






2. Danon Silver Plated Jerusalem Dreidel

Whether to decorate the holiday table or to dazzle the grandkids, your parents will love the intricate, traditional designs on this silver plated dreidel. It features the Hebrew letters nungimmelheypeh, that are common on Israeli dreidels (also known as sevivon) to stand for the phrase "a miracle happened here." Around the edges are different imagery inspired by the architecture of the Old City of Jerusalem. With a choice of all blue, or rainbow laid Swarovski Crystals, Danon's dreidel will be a hit this Hanukkah.





3. Star of David Red Jerusalem Stone Hanukkah Menorah

In the Hanukkah story, the Maccabees had to light the menorah in the Temple in Jerusalem in order to rededicate it for Jewish worship after it had been desecrated from Greek Pagan rituals. This Hanukkah menorah is made of Jerusalem Stone quarried in the Judean hills, and styled off of the Western Wall of the Temple where the miracles of Hanukkah happened. Also with a decorative Star of David to add to this beautiful design, this Hanukkah menorah will make for a cherished gift that your parents will love to light!





4. Woman of Valor Hebrew Pearl Necklace with Hanukkah Gift Box

The care a wife and mother gives is impossible to put into words - though King Solomon gave one of the most poignant odes in the Book of Proverbs with Eshet Chayil, the "Woman of Valor" hymn. Give your mother this radiant necklace for Hanukkah, engraved with the first line of the special hymn: Eishet Chayil, Mi Yimtza. Verachok Mipninim Michra ("A woman of valor, who can find? Her value is far beyond that of pearls"). Handmade in Israel, the necklace features a pearl clasped in 9K gold, and comes in a luxurious gift box with a special holiday message.





5. Hanukkah Humor T-Shirt

Let Mom or Dad show off the Hanukkah miracle and bring out their sense of humor with this fun Hanukkah T-shirt! The shirt comes in a range of color options, so you are guaranteed to find the right style for your parents. It's sure to be a source of joy at Hanukkah parties or a conversation starter at work! Designed right in Israel and made of high-quality cotton, Dad or Mom will be dashing to go try it on.






6. Traditional Yemenite Art Handcrafted Silver Dreidel

Kids don't have to get all the fun with dreidels on Hanukkah 2023! This exquisite sterling silver dreidel will catch everyone's eyes as a striking and ornamental piece of Judaica. It's handmade just outside Jerusalem, featuring the Hebrew letters nungimelheypeh, the initials of a phrase meaning "a miracle happened here". The traditional dreidel letters are laid over intricate silverwork and a traditional filigree design. Shoham Simchi's dreidel is set to resemble a carousel, to capture the spirit of revelry universally associated with the spinning top.





7. Happy Hanukkah Mug

For Mom or for Dad, this de-lightful holiday menorah mug will go beautifully in their kitchen, office, or curled up on the couch watching the candles burn off with their warm drink of choice. The message "Happy Hanukkah" with the lit menorah is printed on both sides, to show off and to have as a reminder at the same time, with a blue handle and interior. Bring out the flavors of Hanukkah and keep all the warm drinks in this mug this December, with a beautiful holiday message to bring out a smile year-round.





8. IDF Diving Watch by Adi

Every dad loves a good watch for a special occasion - and this IDF diving watch will help your father keep time in style! Not only will he look great, but he'll be in good company as these watches made by Adi are also found adorning the wrists of some of the elite units in the Israeli Defense Forces. This watch keeps pace with any situation, having glow-in-the-dark arms and water resistance to 200m underwater. With a sleek design and multiple digital features, your Dad will love this classic Hanukkah gift.





9. Keep Calm and Eat Latkes Funny Hanukkah Hoodie

Everyone loves the classic Hanukkah soul-food, latkes. This "Keep Calm and Eat Latkes" hoodie, an original Israeli design, is a great mantra to wear while staying warm this December, with words that'll carry humor and wisdom wherever your parent goes. Made of high-quality materials, the hoodie is pre-shrunk, and will keep its shape and color for years just as when you ordered it. Choose from several color and size options, and watch the smile it puts on Mom's or Dad's face!






10. Dorit Judaica Remember Jerusalem Wall Hanging

King David wrote im eshkachech Yerushalayim, tishkach yemini ("if I forget you, Jerusalem, may my right hand forget itself") as a reminder of the link between every Jew and the Holy City. Dorit Judaica has taken this line from Psalms and rendered it into steel with a stylish, traditional font in this chic and meaningful wall hanging. Your parents can hang this Hanukkah gift up in their home as both a spiritual reminder and as a beautiful piece of Israeli artwork.






11. Golden Jerusalem Holiday Gift Basket

Give your parents the gift of a kosher Hanukkah gift basket full of yummy Israeli products, and make their holiday even sweeter. Containing red wine, Jerusalem honey, date spread, a quartet of spices, chocolate gamla, and a handmade ceramic pomegranate, this Hanukkah gift box is brimming with the best tastes of the Land of Israel! Your parents will love the thoughtful gift and the Israeli connection.






12. Latke Master Chef Apron

Help your parents get into holiday mode and start making those latkes (fried potato-pancakes), and all other fried treats to be enjoyed throughout Hanukkah 2023 and beyond. With so much oil and flour moving around the kitchen, this Hanukkah-themed apron from Israeli Designer T-shirts will be their festive lifesaver. Decked with fun latke-making imagery including a steaming cast iron skillet and the message "latke master chef" perfect for those home-made latkes this year!






13. "Jerusalem" Limited Edition Serigraph by Zina Roitman

Get it before it's gone! This captivating serigraph of the Old City of Jerusalem is a limited edition print, that would be perfect as a Hanukkah present. Give this reminder of the Hanukkah miracles that occurred at the Temple in Jerusalem in order for the Maccabees to restore it for proper Jewish service with this striking image that will light up a room. The scenes of natural and architectural beauty are printed without machines, using silkscreens, in Israel. This landscape will look amazing in your parents' home.





14. Dorit Judaica Colored 11 Blessings Wall Hanging

Every home should be a place of blessing. Dorit Judaica has made a colorful metal wall hanging wishing "blessing, happiness, abundance, luck, pride, peace, livelihood, health, wealth, success, and love" written in stylish Hebrew script. This work of art will look great in your parents' home this Hanukkah, and it comes with an innate spiritual meaning that anyone can connect to.






15. Ofek Wertman Western Wall Jerusalem Clock

This illustrated wooden clock featuring the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem with an Israeli flag standing in front would make a perfect Hanukkah gift for any Jewish home. The Kotel (Western Wall) will be that perfect reminder of the Holy Land and of the Hanukkah miracle that took place in Jerusalem. Give a gift that keeps time and brings a slice of Jerusalem to place on the wall. Your parents will love this piece of Israeli-made artwork from acclaimed designer Ofek Wertman.





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