If you've ever visited the excavations in Jerusalem's Old City, you'd have seen how the country is literally formed from layers of history fusing together: Israel is built on thousands of years of rich Jewish heritage and tradition. Much of our culture is based on holy texts which detail the stories of our ancestors. Testing trials and sorrowful tribulations, deathly battles and hard-won victories, heart-wrenching prayers and joyful expressions of gratitude - our ancestor's hopes, prayers and blessings are an emotional map guiding us on the journey of life. These ancient, touching words have inspired some of the most beautiful jewelry ever created by Israeli designers. This is a guide to the verses and blessings covered in our selection:

  • Shema Yisrael Jewelry: Shema Yisrael Adonay Eloheinu Adonay Ehad - Listen, Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One - is a basic creed of the Jewish faith. It is a declaration of belief in God, and is used both to praise and implore: these are the first words of prayer that Jewish children learn, and the last words uttered before death. Our extensive collection of Shema ringsbracelets and necklace pendants allows you to wear this most treasured Jewish prayer and keep it close at all times.
  • Ana BeKoach Jewelry: Ana BeKoach is a mystic poem attributed to a first century Kabbalist, Rabbi Nehunia. It comprises seven lines of six words each, and is said to contain 72 different names of God, and allude to His unknown Kabbalistic 42-letter name. Kabbalists believe that this prayer has high levels of raw spiritual energy, capable of lifting people beyond the five senses of the physical world. For hundreds of years, mystics have carried this poem inscribed on amulets worn close to the heart: with our selection of beautiful pieces, you too can harness the power of this special prayer.
  • Traveler's Prayer Jewelry: The traditional Traveler's Prayer was composed for those embarking on a journey to say, asking for protection against the enemies and danger one might meet on the road. Additionally, there are several verses in Jewish liturgy, particularly in Psalms, that speak of God and his angels watching over travelers, guarding and defending them from harm until they reach their destination. Engraved with messages of protection, these braceletsrings and necklaces are a caring, thoughtful gift for someone you love.
  • Priestly Blessing Jewelry: The Priestly Blessing asks God to bless and guard the recipient, while showing them favor and bestowing upon them a peaceful, blessed existence. This prayer has been etched into protective amulets since the time of the First Temple, and is given by Kohanim to their communities during special prayer services. Many parents bless their children using this ancient text on Friday nights. Our complete range of braceletsnecklacesrings and earrings allows you to carry this powerful blessing with you wherever you go.
  • Love Expressions Jewelry: There isn't a set declaration of love in Hebrew; there are numerous expressions of adoration found throughout the Bible. It's special to note that in Judaism, love isn't just about what the heart wants, but also who the soul loves. Our stunning range of love expressions jewelry offers a range of meaningful quotes, and is the perfect way to show the special person in your life just how much you love them. Several of these items are customizable, allowing you to make your gift as unique as your loved one.
  • Woman of Valor Jewelry: King Solomon's ancient text "Eshet Chayil" is sung in millions of Jewish homes across the world on Friday nights, praising the exceptional women whose hard work and grace illuminate our lives. Our complete range of Woman of Valor jewelry is inscribed with beautiful quotes from this most meaningful of poems, and would make an touching gift for the woman who inspires you, whether she is your mother, daughter, sister or wife.
  • Children's Blessing Jewelry: When parents bless their children on Friday nights, a special phrase is added to the beginning of the Priestly Blessing: may God make you like Sara, Rivka, Rachel and Leah for girls, and may God make you like Ephraim and Menashe for boys. The delivery of this inspiring prayer is a touching, cherished moment on Friday nights. Our beautiful range of Children's Blessing jewelry will allow your child to carry your blessing wherever they go.
  • Ani LeDodi Jewelry: "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine" is one of the most sweetly tender Jewish expressions of love, as it shows a complete trust and love between two people. Our range of high-quality Ani LeDodi jewelry is a beautiful way to express your deepest sentiments to your loved one. Many of these items are unisex and suitable for men or women to wear.
  • Jerusalem Blessing Jewelry: Jerusalem holds a special place in the hearts of Jews across the globe: we pray for it to be rebuilt three times a day, and a verse from Psalms asks God to make sure we never forget our Holy City. These breathtaking pieces of Jerusalem Blessing jewelry allow you to carry a reminder of the Golden City with you at all times, and make sure you can never forget her.
  • Evil Eye Protection Jewelry: In Judaism, the Kabbalistic idea of the evil eye can be held off by using certain phrases, or wearing certain colors or amulets. This beautiful selection of unusual Evil Eye Protection jewelry has been designed with Kabbalistic principles of warding away the evil eye in mind, and would make a perfect gift for a superstitious loved one!
  • Inspiration Jewelry: We also offer a range of Inspirational Jewelry, bearing inspirational messages both from holy texts and popular Israeli culture, which let you gift your loves ones with something beautifully poignant and specific to them.


These outstanding pieces of jewelry, inscribed with inspirational verses and powerful blessings, offer a unique combination of exquisite craftsmanship and poignant spirituality. Many Verses and Blessings rings and bracelets are unisex and suitable for male and female use. Made from the highest quality materials and adorned with beautiful stones, glittering diamonds and intricate metalwork, they allow you to give a gift that is not only beautiful, but also deeply personal and meaningful.