Ha-Savta Shel Efrayim (Efraim's Grandma). CD

Ha-Savta Shel Efrayim (Efraim's Grandma). CD


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Efraim's grandma is a meteorologist, who tells her grandson and his friends all about the weather with the help of a pair of sock puppet geese, and some of the best children's songs you've ever heard!

All the songs are by Leah Goldberg, one of Israel's most famous and beloved children's songwriters of all time.

1. Yom Yafeh

2. Madua Hayeled Tzahak Bahalom

3. Barvazayim

4. Bo'u Ananim (Version A)

5. Bo'u Ananim (Version B)

6. Keshet Be'anan

7. Shir Hahaflaga

8. Ma Osim Ha'ayalot

9. Pizmon Likinton

10. Erev Mul Hagilad