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This beautiful Jewish wall art from Israel can enhance any room in your house, no matter your style. In a vast array of materials, texts, and designs, you will find what you need to add vibrancy and meaningful Jewish message in your home.

We have a variety of hamsa designs from artists such as Yair Emanuel and Dorit Judaica. These come in a huge selection of metals and ceramics with all sorts of details, floral, mystical and much more Jewish wall art with a hamsa design.

If you're looking for a blessing for the home to make a lovely addition, whether you've just moved in or you're an established family. These can be found with short messages, full traditional blessings, or newer and English language blessings. Or perhaps you want to honor your wife with one of the women of valor decorations. Come take a look at our stunning collection of wall art.

The clock selection contains exciting modern designs, more traditional looks for your Jewish home décor, and even a number of humorous options that will add a bit of cheer to any room where they are, along with being a practical timekeeping device.

You might just want something to spruce up a room for its artistic value, with a subtler spiritual focus. We offer a number of pieces of Israeli designed Jewish wall art, be it colored laser-cut steel, paintings, or other hanging sculptures that will look gorgeous and captivate your guests.


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