Safed Candles Havdalah Etrog Candle

Safed Candles Havdalah Etrog Candle


Brand: Safed Candles

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Kosher Badatz HaEdut Ha Haredit-Jerusalem

Size: 3 x 6" / 8 x 15 cm

Let your next Sabbath end in a blaze of radiant beauty.  This uniquely decorative etrog Havdalah candle was handcrafted from natural beeswax while dipped and braided in the age-old traditional manner for a flame that burns clear and bright. This wonderful candle can be used in the Havdalah ceremony at the end of Shabbat or even as a stylish piece of home decor. An excellent housewarming gift idea, this exquisite canlde is one they'll never cease to enjoy!

In the ancient Holy City of Tzfat (Safed) nestled in the hills of the upper Galilee region of Israel, skilled craftsmen create candles to bring the light of the Holy Land into your home. Safed candles are a high-quality product, coveted by connoisseurs all over the world.

Comes in a stylish cardboard box with a clear plastic window.

Approximate burning time: 16-20 hours.