Hazorfim Sterling Silver Plated and Wood Seder Plate - Vine Leaves

Hazorfim Sterling Silver Plated and Wood Seder Plate - Vine Leaves


Brand: Hazorfim

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Sterling Silver Plated, Wood

Weight: 2.3kg/5.1lb

A Seder Plate like this makes it clear how this night is different from other nights! The deeply stained wood is octagonal and features an ornate silver plated Seder plate, with named indents for each of the Seder items.  It features an intricate vine leaf motif which adorns the spaces between the named compartments and the crossed-line border. The plate stands on three wooden legs, with space for your matzot underneath.

The Seder plate holds the ritual foodstuffs eaten and used throughout the Seder. These are: Beitza, a hard-boiled egg whose shell has been singed to commemorate the destruction of the Temples; Zeroah, a roasted shank bone to remind us of the Pascal lamb offering; Maror and Hazeret, two types of bitter herb or vegetable eaten to enforce sympathy with the bitterness of the Jews' 400 year slavery; Karpas, a vegetable which is dipped in salt water to symbolize spring and regrowth; and Haroset, a thick, sweet paste made from wine, apples, dates and nuts which looks like the cement the Jews were forced to pour during their slavery.

Please note: All Hazorfim items are beautifully wrapped in exclusive gift packaging, and include a certificate of authentication and warranty card.

Founded in 1952 by immigrants who sought refuge in the Jewish homeland, Hazorfim is a family business with a sterling reputation for high quality, handcrafted silver Judaica. They offer an impressive range including candlesticks, Kiddush cups and challah products, and a stunning selection of home decor pieces. Hazorfim’s uncompromising commitment to excellence ensures that everything they produce showcases the very best of artisan silversmithing