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Take a look at our amazing selection of rings! Many of the designs below are exclusive to our store, and absolutely all are stunning and fabulous! Rings for women and men, many with Jewish verses and blessings, in silver, gold, gemstones, and Roman glass! All from Israel. With a variety this extensive, you are sure to find just the perfect thing!

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What does the ring symbolize in a Jewish wedding?

Historically, the ring was not a necessary component of the Jewish wedding ceremony. Rather, the Talmud delineates three ways that a husband and wife become wed: Through an item of value, through a contract or through consummation. The tradition of a wedding ring began in the Middle Ages and has now become an almost-universal custom. In Judaism, it is customary to use a plain, unengraved gold band so that the value of the ring is apparent and as a symbol of purity and honesty within the burgeoning relationship.

Which finger does a Jewish wedding ring go on?

Traditionally, the ring is put on the right index finger because it is the most active finger on the hand and she can easily show the witnesses the ring on her finger.

Is a wedding ring worn on the right hand?

At the Jewish wedding ceremony, it is customary to place the wedding ring on the bride's right hand. After the ceremony, some brides move the ring to their left hand while others keep it on the right.

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