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In recent years, the addition of Kabbalistic elements to pendants and necklaces has created an entire genre of beautiful and meaningful jewelry. Judaica Webstore has Kabbalah necklaces intended for health, wealth, love, protection from the evil eye, and much more in silver, gold, precious stones, and many other materials.

Esoteric Form and Esoteric Meaning

Please browse our huge selection of Kabbalah necklaces. These charms reflect the esoteric nature of the Kabbalah, effecting meaning with their peculiar forms and intricate detail. With all the variations and fascinating detail, you are sure to find one right for you. There are designs appropriate for men and women.

Ezekiel's Wheel

There are quite a few designs that employ the wheel motif, which refers to Ezekiel's vision of the Ophanim. The wheel necklaces come in both gold and silver, sometimes with jeweled pendants in the center bearing opals or onyx. The inscriptions vary from Son's Blessings and Daughter's Blessings to Traveler's Blessings and Isaac's Blessing. Many of the wheel pendants also include a Kabbalistic name of G-d as a segulah, meant to bring protection, wealth, or health, depending on the name. There is even a wheel pendant in sterling silver that includes all 72 Holy Names.

The Ana Bekoach

Be sure to check out our Ana Bekoach pendants. The Ana Bekoach is a prayer which is also an acrostic for the 42-letter name of G-d. One of our most beautiful Ana Bekoach pieces features a sterling silver ring with the first verse of the prayer etched on the outside. Inscribed within the ring is a 9K Star of David centered on a polished red garnet stone. Another beautiful design features seven silver rings, each ring bearing one of the seven verses.

Eve's Tikkun

There are several versions of Eve's Tikkun. The three stars in this sacred design refer to the three letters of Eve's Hebrew name. The design itself represents Eve's tikkun, or repair; although she committed the original sin she nevertheless went on to mother all mankind. Design options include a handsome medallion incorporating sterling sliver, red gold and yellow gold, as well as a sterling silver and gold design set with a 1-point diamond.

Kabbalah Key

There area also a number of Kabbalah key designs. The teeth of each key is the Hebrew letter Peh, which is also Hebrew for "mouth" and symbolizes the power of speech. Among the many key pendant designs is a sterling silver key with the Woman of Valor inscription from Proverbs, as well as a key that incorporates Eve's tikkun.