Kindness and Mercy are Before His Glory. David Wolk. Colored Pencil on Paper

Kindness and Mercy are Before His Glory. David Wolk. Colored Pencil on Paper


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Colored pencil on paper

27.5 cm X 40 cm / 10.8" X 15.7"

Ready for framing, this stunning original artwork by American-Israeli artist David Baruch Wolk demands attention and will become the focal point of your home, synagogue, or business.

The Hebrew phrase reproduced here reads Hessed verahamim lifnei kevodo (Kindness and mercy are before His glory) (Shabbes morning prayers).

These words are from the piyut that is part of the morning Shabbes prayers, which in every minyan that I have ever merited to be a part of it is sung to various beautiful melodies. It represents one of the centers for the hearts’ expression in the Shabbes Shacharis prayer which is, in simple terms, the most extended and important prayer of the week. The piyut, Kel Adon, found in the blessing Yotzer Or before the recitation of Shema, is a continuance of the blessing’s praise of the Creator for the creation of the heavenly luminaries, in particular, their aspect of lighting our world.

Of our five senses our sense of sight is the most elevated important and spiritual. Thus we find the eyes situated on the highest portion of the head and are across from the brain. We are also taught that the eyes are connected to the heart which is the seat of understanding. Indeed in the 3rd paragraph of the Shema we are warned specifically to guard our eyes and heart for through them we are prone to stray away from the righteous path and all good. Hashem Himself is described as having “pure eyes”; that it, He looks, so to speak, only at the good and pure and evil finds no place before Him. We too must walk in His ways and use these most precious instruments only for gazing on the pure and good. In the merit of directing our sight only to the Holy One we will surely merit his kindness and mercy always.

David Baruch Wolk was born in the United States and was trained at Amherst College, Boston University Art School, New York Studio School, Yale University, and Oregon University Art School, among others. He moved to Israel in 1986 at the age of 27 and currently lives and works at his studio near Jerusalem. His incorporation of classic Jewish themes and texts into his modern vibrant colorful art has made him one of the most sought-after and respected artists in his field today.