Laura Cowan Green Orb Patinated Copper Mezuzah Case

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Enrich the décor of any room in your home with this beautiful designer mezuzah case from Israeli artist Laura Cowan:

  • Boasting a color similar to Eilat Stone, the national stone of Israel, this case is decorated with sterling silver bnad, resembling the rings of Saturn.
  • Made using an original technique in the Land of Israel.
  • Like this case but don't have a mezuzah scroll? There's no need to go out and buy one. We offer a kosher mezuzah scroll at an additional price.

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Patinated copper, sterling silver

Height: 5" / 13 cm

Fits 3" / 8 cm scroll

For the perfect addition to your personal Judaica collection, check out this remarkable designer mezuzah case from Israeli artist Laura Cowan. Shaped like an orb and boasting a blue-green color reminiscent of Eilat Stone (produced using a special technique that combines sawdust and acid), this mezuzah case is adorned with sterling silver bands that pay homage to the rings of Saturn. A modern take on the traditional ritual, you will love displaying this mezuzah case in your home for many years to come.

Please note: Mezuzah scroll is available with the mezuzah case at an additional price.

Laura Cowan is a graduate of the London Guildhall University where she learned silversmithing and jewelry. The inspiration for her art comes from the Sixties mission to get man to the moon. Her modern designs and Jewish upbringing combine to make a unique scheme, very different than any other artist. Laura currently lives in Tel Aviv, where she has a studio.

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