Merhavim: The Songs of Rabbi Kook. (Presented by Ovadia Hamama) (2011)

Merhavim: The Songs of Rabbi Kook. (Presented by Ovadia Hamama) (2011)


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Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak Hakohen Kook (1865-1935), the first Chief Rabbi of the Land of Israel in modern times, was sui generis, a man unmatched in his generation in every endeavor which he undertook.

One of the most beloved and influential Jewish figures of the 20th century, he is well known for his Torah scholarship and love for the People and Land of Israel.  What is less well known, however, is his love for and accomplishment in poetry.  Hundreds of his poems survive, and they are filled with his unique lyrical vision of G-d, Torah, history, the Jews, and the Land.

On this special disc, legendary Israeli musician Ovadia Hamama has composed melodies for 16 of Rabbi Kook's poems.  Among the guest performers on this album are Barry Saharof, Gad Elbaz, Erez Lev Ari, Yossi Peretz, and many others.  The style is for the most part a classic rock feel in a very modern and striking style.

The CD comes packaged in a deluxe harcover booklet filled with photographs, lyrics, and stories (in Hebrew).  It is destined to become an indespensible album in any Jewish library.

1.  Heres Uvinyan



2.  Va'akshiv Va'eshma



3.  Resisei Orot

4.  Me She'amar Alai



5.  Meni'ot



6.  Hamarpeh



7.  Merotz Haruach

8.  Me'at Min Ha'or

9.  Merhavim

10. Nafshi Shoefet

11. Shirat Ha'olam

12. Tikvati Tehayeni

13. Me'olam Rahok

14. Keshehaneshama Meira

15. Hador

16. Habinyan