Miri Mesika. King (Melech) (2012)

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Brand: Israeli & Jewish Music

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Miri Mesika. King (Melech) (2012)
Miri Mesika. King (Melech) (2012)

 Number of CD(s) in package: 1

Miri Mesika's first three studio albums have been incredibly successful, quickly catapulting her into the firmament of Israel's top performers, and her live performances and collaborations have only strenghtened her position. Now here she is with her fourth album, and it is at least as good as everything that has come before. Miri Mesika is a talent that will obviously be with us for a long time.  

1. Yeriyot Baavir



2. Melech



3. Veulai



4. Hadrachim Hahadashot



5. Al Tedaber Elai



6. Noga'at Beeinecha Shuv

7. Ani Lo Sham

8. Isha Harsina

9. Lirkod Levad

10. Lo Kmo Kulam

11. Leehov Mihadash

12. Vincent

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