Mosh Ben-Ari. Best of (Ha'asor Harishon / The First Decade) (2012)

Mosh Ben-Ari. Best of (Ha'asor Harishon / The First Decade) (2012)


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Drawing on his whole repertoire of rock, pop, soul, reggae, world music, Middle Eastern sounds, and traditional Jewish motifs, Mosh Ben Ari has spent a decade crafting works of art that are sure to stand the test of time. He has also become one of Israel's most respected and popular artists working today. This is his first retrospective collection.

1. Negotiating

2. At (You)

3. Mamriim (Taking Off)

4. Jah is One

5. Look Into My Eyes

6. I'll Survive

7. Derech (A Way)

8. Ad Elay (Upon Me)

9. Yah

10. One Perfect Memory

11. Ve'eich Shelo (Wherever I Turn)

12. Sure I'll Come

13. I'd Tell you Everything

14. Between the Sounds

15. Here He Comes


16. Yam Hamelach (The Dead Sea)

17. Give Me a Sign