Noam Rotem. Barzel VeAvanim (Iron and Stones) (2011)

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This is Noam Rotem's third album, coming on the heels of 2004's Hom Enoshi and 2007's super smash hit album Ezra Baderech. Barzel Ve'avanim is his best work so far. It finally manages the perfect balance he's been working on for years between classic Israeli rock and the British rock sound that has been one of his biggest influences all along.

1. Barzel Ve'avanim 

2. Amok Halaila

3. Lo Medabrim

4. Karat Li Cain

5. Hakita Shelanu

6. Ir Shelo Nirdemet

7. Natalie

8. Sufat Bedidut

9. Medabrim Al Hayeled

10. El Sof Hayom

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