Patterns in Jewish History. Rabbi Berel Wein (Hardcover)

Patterns in Jewish History. Rabbi Berel Wein (Hardcover)


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By: Rabbi Berel Wein

Legendary Jewish historian Rabbi Berel Wein has been making Jewish history accessible to the layman for decades now. This incomparable volume takes a new look at Jewish history, dealing with it thematically. Each chapter covers a different aspect (not period) of history and Jewish life, covering its ecolution and patterns throughout the ages. Topics covered include women, the Land of Israel, Anti-Semitism, Health and Medicine, Economics, and many more.

Rabbi Berel Wein is the founder and director of the Destiny Foundation. For more than twenty-five years he has been identified as one of the foremost Orthodox historians in the world. Rabbi Wein is a recipient of the Torah Prize Award from Machon Harav Frank in Jerusalem for his achievements in teaching Torah and spreading Judaism throughout the world. He lives in Jerusalem.

Hardcover, 180 pages, 5.9" X 8.9" / 15 cm X 22.5 cm