Rainbow: Anodized Aluminum Travel Candlesticks (Solo). Caesarea Arts

Rainbow: Anodized Aluminum Travel Candlesticks (Solo). Caesarea Arts


Brand: Caesaria Art

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Anodized aluminum

Height (approx.): 1.2" / 3 cm

Our price is for one pair of candlesticks.

The ultra-modern sleek design on this stunning set of Sabbath candlesticks will give your traditional Sabbath table a very new and updated look! These are not your bubbe's candlesticks! The rainbow of colors that shine forth from the anodized aluminum is a truly space age glow.

They are small and durable enough to take with you on a road trip, but beautiful enough to use at home!

These candlesticks come in a rainbow of colors, and you get to mix and match which ones you want! Pick any two colors above. They can be the same, or they can be different! Have fun!

But cleaning this piece is like nothing you've ever experienced! Because the anodized aluminum color is permanent and the metal is robust and tough, all you have to do in order to remove any wax or oil residue is to pour boiling water over it! If you prefer, you can also use the freezer to remove wax, or even the dishwasher at any setting. No rules! It's never been easier!

Caesarea Arts is a unique studio environment run by a husband and wife team in the historic and beautiful Israeli Mediterranean coastal town of Caesarea. Together they design and create some of the most unique and modern Judaica, home decor, and jewelry pieces being produced anywhere in the world.