Satin Hamsa-Shaped Bris Pillow With Filigree Design and Inscription

Designed in Israel
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Beautify the brit milah experience for your loved one with this special hamsa-shaped brit pillow:

  • Designed luxuriously in satin with a sleek filigree pattern.
  • Inscribed with a sweet phrase in Hebrew: Zeh HaKatan, Gadol Yihyeh meaning this is the little one and he will be great! 
  • Stunning addition to the brit milah ceremony, both practical and beautiful in one!

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Size: 74 cm x 57 cm / 29.14" x 22.45"

Help celebrate the birth of a baby boy with this lovely satin bris pillow. Used for the baby to rest on during his circumcision, this pillow is shaped like a Hamsa, a traditional symbol of protection against the evil eye, and features a graceful filigree design along the edges and a regal crown motif at the top. The bottom of the pillow is elegantly inscribed with the traditional Hebrew congratulatory expression, "Zeh HaKatan, Gadol Yihyeh" ("This is the Little One, May He Become Great"). From the Land of Israel, this bris pillow will make a wonderful gift to mark the birth of a baby boy close to your heart.

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