Shlomo Artzi. Osher Express (2012) Special Edition 2 CD Set


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Shlomo Artzi. Osher Express (2012) Special Edition 2 CD Set
Shlomo Artzi. Osher Express (2012) Special Edition 2 CD Set

Number of CD(s) in package: 2

Five years have passed since Shlomo Artzi's last studio album, 2007's Sane (Shfuyim) and after tours and other projects, we have a new album containing 12 new songs written by Shlomo himself. With numerous guest performers and great production, this is the Shlomo Artzi we have always loved.

In addition to a wonderful album, you get quite a beautiful package and booklet, and you can see a lot of love and sweat went into them. They feature reproductions of original oil on canvas paintings by Maya Gold, produced in collaboration with Shlomo Artzi as a unified artistic vision alongside the music. The Hebrew lyrics to all the songs are also provided.

This deluxe special edition includes the entire album on the first disc, as well as a bonus second disc containing a new song not found anywhere else as well as rare versions of many of the songs from Osher Express. The packaging and booklet are also a deluxe special verson, larger and better than in the regular package.

1. Hozrim Habaita (with Arik Einstein)

2. Kol Yom

3. Latet Velakahat (with Dudu Tessa)

4. Nedaber Mehalev

5. Elohai (with Avramham Tal)

6. Lo Mevater Al Hahalom Sheli

7. Ometz

8. Florida

9. Ma Lehagid Lach

10. Kaitz Ba'aretz Lo

11. Osher Express

12. Shelo Ye'almu Hadevarim Hayafim

Shlomo Artzi's career in music was launched in the late 1960's as a soloist in the navy choral troupe. He then went on to appear in the Israel Folk Festivals, winning first place three times in five years.   He has sold more albums than any Israeli singer, and his lengthy performances, lasting easily three hours or more, are immensely popular. Artzi's music fuses rock with native Hebrew strains, and its most prominent recurring image is dance, as a symbol for life and vitality.

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