Shraga Landesman Nickel Silver Pomegranate Kiddush Set. Variety of Colors

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The next time you host a Shabbat or holiday meal, impress your guests when you use this remarkable designer Kiddush cup set from Shraga Landesman:

  • Made from nickel silver, this set includes a polished Kiddush cup resting in a vibrantly colored anodized aluminum pomegranate-shaped saucer.
  • A one-of-a-kind work from the Land of Israel.
  • The perfect blend of traditional ritual and contemporary design to add to your personal Judaica collection!!!
Silver & Gold (KS4G)
Silver & Turquoise (KS4B)
Silver (KS4)

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Nickel Silver, Laser-Cut Anodized Aluminum Base

Size: 4.53" X 3.74" X 3.35" / 11.5 X 9.5 X 8.5 cm

The unique Kiddush set features a nickel silver (a bright lustrous nickel/copper/zinc alloy popular in decorative applications) Kiddush cup and laser cut anodized aluminum base. The base forms a stylish pomegranate shape engraved with the closing words of the blessing over wine, Borei Pri Hagafen (Who created the fruit of the vine) in Hebrew.

A classic Jewish decorative motif, the pomegranate has been grown for thousands of years in the Mediterranean region, and is referenced throughout the Bible as one of the 7 species native to the Land of Israel. In addition, the pomegranate has some of the deepest and richest symbolism in Judaism as its many seeds symbolize the abundance of righteousness, prosperity and wisdom.

For decades, Shraga Landesman has been creating beautiful works of art in unique and unusual materials and styles. His focus for the past many years has been on Jewish-themed pieces in cast or cut metal, often united with wooden elements.

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