Sima Vaknin Machshefa (2003). DVD

Sima Vaknin Machshefa (2003). DVD


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Dror Shaul’s crazy comedy, and winner of the “Israeli Oscar”!



The newly widowed Sima Vaknin wants to rebuild her apartment living room.  Her neighbor Dov, head of the residents’ committee, refuses to sign the consent form, so she curses him that his live should be ruined.  All of a sudden, his father has a heart attack, his sister breaks her leg, he gets fired from his job, and is injured in a hit and run accident.  The story makes the national papers, and Sima becomes a celebrity, with endless requests for blessings and curses.  Her son-in-law Avi recognizes a business opportunity, and together with his wife and 11-year-old son starts a blessing-and-curse business.  Sima and her family become rich and famous, but Sima finds that none of it solves her main problem: loneliness and a life without love.  But just as it seems like she’s about to find joy with a kind hearted man, her family makes her choose a path that there may be no going back from!

Israel (2003)

Length: 98 Min.

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Director: Dror Shaul

Starring: Tiki Dayan, Rotem Abuhab, Lior Ashkenazi

Language: Hebrew

Subtitles: English, French, Hebrew

Number of discs: 1
Sound: 5.1
Format: Full Screen, Subtitled, NTSC / PAL