Sterling Silver Merkaba Star of David Necklace

Sterling Silver Merkaba Star of David Necklace


Brand: Haari Jewelry

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925 Sterling Silver

Diameter: 0.55" / 1.4 cm

This magnificent silver necklace is a unique take on the classic Star of David shape -- rendered in three dimensions in a way you've never seen before! Instead of interlocking triangles, it is made from interlocking tetrahedrons (pyramids).

The three-dimensional Star of David form is a special Kabbalist structure known as the Merkabah. Due to its special shape, the Merkabah is believed in Kabbalah to release powerful spiritual energies and is a metaphor for reaching a higher consciousness.

Comes with sterling silver chain in your choice of length.

The necklace is suitable for men or women.

Ha'ari Jewelry, located in Israel, offers a beautiful and exclusive collection of high-quality, handcrafted gold and silver jewelry that is rooted in Kabbalistic & Jewish sources. Each stunning piece carries with it a world of spiritual wisdom and power that now you can carry wherever you go.