The Big Mediterranean Collection 1950-2000. 5 CD Set (2012)

The Big Mediterranean Collection 1950-2000. 5 CD Set (2012)


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Number of CD(s) in package: 5

Mediterranean music has come a long way in Israel, from its position as a perceived culturally inferior "ethnic" neighborhood entertainment in the 1950s to its conquest of Israel's airwaves and arenas toward the end of the 1990s and beyond with superstars such as Eyal Golan, Sarit Hadad and others.

This superb 5 CD package documents the evolution of Mediterranean and Mizrahi in Israel over the last half of the 20th century, including 88 hits by every single notable artist and band in that entire time frame, from Aris San and Joe Amar in the old days, to Shimi Tavori and Chaim Moshe during the transition, and with Zahava Ben and Amir Benayoun at the cutting edge.

This is an indespensible colleciton for any fan of Israeli or Mediterranean music!

Among the songs in the collection:

* Shir Hashikor - Joe Amar

* Shir Ha-Falafel - The Ayalon Quartet

* Dam Dam - Aris San

* Haichan Hahayal - Ahuva Ozeri

* Gedalia Reva Ish - Tzlilei HaOud

* Yeladim Ze Simcha - Habrira Hatevit

* Ein Li Ahava - Shimi Tavori

* Elochim Natan Lecha Bematana - Eitan Masori

* Levad Yoshevet - Avihu Medina

* Badad - Zohar Argov

* Ha Perach Begani - Zohar Argov

* Eizo Medina - Eli Luzon

* Ten Lazman Lalechet - Chaim Moshe

* Yafo Bein Ha'Arbayim - Benny Elbaz

* Na'ari Shuva Elai - Margalit Zanany

* Tipat Mazal - Zahava Ben

* Biglal Haruach - Shlomi Shabat

* Im Nin'alu - Ofra Haza

* Bil'adayich - Eyal Golan

* Kmo Cinderella - Sarit Hadad

* Smachot Ktanot (Igulim Shel Simcha) - Amir Benayoun & Micha Shetreet