New Types Three Pioneers of Hebrew Graphic Design

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Appreciate the history of Hebrew where it is today with this New Types hardcover book:

  • Describes the story of three people who implemented the Hebrew bookkeeping, graphic design, and typography skill set into modern times.
  • Answers professional questions in a timeless manner with unique material in either English or Hebrew.
  • Exclusive piece from the Israel Museum for the designer lover in your life!

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Hebrew / English

The Graphic Design of Moshe Spitzer, Franzisca Baruch, and Henri Friedlaender

Edited by Ada Wardi

Thoroughly documented and richly illustrated, this groundbreaking Hebrew book presents three European-born experts in their field who immigrated to the land of Israel and laid the foundations for modern Hebrew bookmaking, graphic design, and typography. Beginning their careers in Germany, each of these pioneers left his or her mark on the visual culture of the nascent state and the revival of the Hebrew language.

A collaborative project involving graphic designers and design scholars in Israel and researchers in Europe, the book draws on extensive archival material while addressing timeless professional questions. In doing so, it brings to life the endeavors and cultural milieu of three inspiring figures.

A slightly abridged English edition is planned.


Hardcover, 375 pages

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

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