The Koren Humash. Hebrew-English Edition. Standard Size (Hardcover)

Made in IsraelHebrew with English Translation
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Whether at home or in the synagogue, learn the weekly Torah portion with this wonderful Hebrew / English Torah from one of Israel's top publishing houses, Koren Publishers:

  • This work contains the entire text of the Torah as well as the weekly Haftarot, the five Megillot and the entire book of Psalms.
  • Both the traditional Hebrew text and the modern English translation are written in an easy-to-read font.
  • Similarly designed, this Torah will wonderfully complement the Koren Sacks Siddur or the Koren Talpiot Siddur.

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Language: Hebrew / English

Hardcover, 1300 pages 5.3" X 8.5" / 13.5 X 21 cm

Perfect for home or synagogue, this superb humash includes the parshiyot (weekly portions) as well as their Haftarot (weekly Prophets) and the five scrolls (Megillot) and the book of Psalms (Tehillim). The excellent English translation is by Professor Harold Fisch. The volume is printen on Bible paper, and the binding matches either the Talpiot Siddur or the Sacks Siddur, to make for handsome two volume sets. 

Koren Publishers, originally founded by Eliyahu Koren over 50 years ago, has transformed the way Jews pray worldwide. His effort to create a font that executes maximum clarity to the reader, makes ancient Hebrew accessible during a modern era. The first Koren Siddur was published in 1981, to "encourage(d) the worshiper to engross the mind and heart in prayer,” according to Mr. Koren. All IDF soldiers receive a Koren Siddur upon entering the Israeli army, which is a ritual that prevails today. Koren continues to expand to Jews all over the world to transform the prayer experience. 

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