The Koren Illuminated Box Set: Jewish Wisdom (Hardcover: 4 Volumes)

The Koren Illuminated Box Set: Jewish Wisdom (Hardcover: 4 Volumes)


Brand: Koren

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Bring some beauty, meaning, and holiness into your home with this beautiful set! 

This wonderful set is luxurious while still being conveniently small, even pocket (and certainly purse or backpack pocket) sized. Each of the four volumes contains numerous excerpts from a different classic Jewish canonical work, beautifully illustrated and illuminated. The Original Hebrew verse is adorned and decorated, and alongside it are translations of the verse into English, German, and French.

The four volumes are: 

Ethics: Excerpts from Pirkei Avot; Ethics/Chapters of the Fathers from the Mishna

Proverbs: Excerpts from Mishlei; King Solomon's Book of Proverbs

Talmud: Excerpts from the Babylonian Talmud and other Talmudic period writings

Ecclesiastes: Excerpts from Kohelet; King Solomon's book of ethics 


Size: 4.9" X 6.9" / 12.5 cm X 17.5 cm

Languages: Hebrew, English, German, French