White Gold: Revealing the World's Earliest Coins. Israel Museum (2012)

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This richly illustrated and luxurious volume is based on one of the Israel Museum's most popular exhibits, 2012's White Gold: Revealing the World's Earliest Coins

Curator: Dr. Haim Gitler

White Gold: Revealing the World's Earliest Coins is the first public display of an outstanding group of five hundred miniature masterpieces from two important collections of electrum coins. The exhibition provides an intimate glimpse into the dawn of coinage, shedding light on the story of one of the most important innovations in human history. Electrum coins are not only historically significant, but also astonishingly beautiful. Reflecting a rich diversity of subjects, they trace the evolution of Greek art from the seventh through the fourth century BCE and draw us magnetically into a vibrant and fascinating iconographic world.

The exhibition is accompanied by and English/Hebrew catalogue (K. Konuk and C. Lorber, White Gold: Revealing the World’s Earliest Coins, H. Gitler ed., Jerusalem 2012)

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