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Amir Benayoun. Sha'ah Shel Or 1999-2009. 2 CD Set (2009)

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Number of CD(s) in package: 2


Almost like an optical illusion, we seem to both recognize and not recognize Amir Benayoun these days -- physically and musically.  His handsome face now features a neatly trimmed beard.  His once bare head has been covered with a kippah, and tzitzit hang out from under his shirt.


Musically too, his unique blend of Mizrachi pop and Israeli rock is still there, but the subject matter has changed.


This, Amir's first Greatest Hits-type collection, spans two discs.  It contains 26 tracks, beginning with 19 of his best-known songs from the past ten years, including his most famous early singles.  In addition, there are seven new songs, including stunning intepretations of Hatikva, Israel's national anthem, and Yigdal Elohim Hai, the 13 principles of Jewish faith.


1. Rak At

2. Mora LeHayim

3. Kshe At Atzuva

4. Ktzat Levad

5. Sha'ah  Shel Or

6. Ga'aguyim LeDimiyon

7. Nitzacht Iti Hakol

8. HaKol Ad LeKan

9. Nishmati

10. Boreach

11. Eineah

12. Aluf BeShahor

13. Yahol Lihyot

14. Tamid Yadati

15. Rotze Elaich

16. Omed BeSha'ar

17. Mehila

18. Kohav Nofel

19. Derech

20. Shir Havadka

21. Behiyat

22. Veafnu

23. Ad Dele Yada

24. David Malki

25. Hatikva

26. Yigdal Elohim Hai


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