Israel’s Army, known as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) or Tzahal in Hebrew, was formally created right after the establishment of Israel’s independence in 1948, arising out of guerilla militant groups that were already defending Jewish lives in the Land of Israel. Since then, the IDF has defended Israel through many wars and operations, and has been tasked with protecting all of Israel’s citizens while keeping the state’s borders secure. The IDF’s ground troops, Air Force, Navy, and special forces are often considered among the most elite and advanced in the world. You can learn more about the IDF by reading our blog post filled with little-known facts about Israel's army!

Many people around the world show their pride in and support for the IDF by wearing Israeli Army gear or buying IDF-themed home décor and other gifts for their loved ones. We offer dozens of items to help you salute the Israel Defense Forces, from shirts to flags to watches and more - all made by Israeli designers and sent to you straight from Israel!

To help you in your shopping, we’ve put together our Top 10 IDF Gifts to show your support for the army of the Jewish people!


1. Support The IDF Gift Set

This gift set is the ultimate show of IDF pride! It features a cotton olive green t-shirt, matching baseball cap, and bracelet - all emblazoned with the IDF’s logo. Show off your support for those who keep the State of Israel and its people safe from its enemies with these fantastic pieces sent straight from the Land of Israel!







2. IDF Logo Polo Shirt (Choice of Colors)

If you want to show off your love for the Israeli Army in style, this men’s polo is for you! Available in four colors - black, blue, white, and gray - this cotton polo shirt is both classy and comfortable, with the IDF’s logo embroidered on the left side. Whether you’re going golfing or to family event, this stylish polo will be your new go-to.








3. IDF Diving Watch

Adi Watches, a notable Israeli designer whose jewelry and products are often inspired by the IDF, are actually worn by several units in the Israeli Army! And you too can own a diving watch similar to the ones worn by Israel’s bravest fighters. Made of stainless steel, the watch includes a stop watch, timer, and alarm, while surrounding the dial are rotating numbers for additional diving and timing functions. The watch is decorated with an IDF logo in the middle, and is water resistant down to 200 meters from the surface.






4. Sterling Silver IDF Insignia Necklace Pendant

A meaningful gift for both men and women, this sterling silver necklace features an engraved IDF emblem along with the words “Israel Defense Forces” in both Hebrew and English, and comes with a choice of silver chain or black silicone cord in a variety of length options to suit any style. Crafted by the Jerusalem-area artisans of Judean Hills Jewelry, this necklace is a dazzling way to show that your heart is always in Israel with its troops.







5. Suede Israeli Army Kippah/Yarmulke

Give the gift of Jewish pride straight from Israel with this suede IDF kippah! It features a military camouflage pattern and is decorated with the official insignia of the Israeli Army and the acronym "IDF" (Israeli Defense Forces) in both Hebrew and English. Perfect for both adults and kids to wear their love of the army of the Jewish people, whether at synagogue, home, or school.







6. Ceramic IDF Mug 

Start your morning off right with a strong cup of coffee and a mug representing the strongest army in the world! This ceramic mug features a gold IDF logo on a stylish green background. The mug is versatile and makes for a perfect gift - great as both a functional piece of tableware for enjoying hot beverages, and as a meaningful piece of décor or desktop storage to show off your Israeli pride!








7. Mossad Seal T-Shirt (Choice of Colors)

This Mossad cotton t-shirt, available in a variety of colors, features the seal of the famous Israeli Secret Service admired the world over, better known by its Hebrew name: Mossad. The logo is full of meaning: it features a menorah surrounded by palm branches and the motto “Ki batachbolet ta'aseh lecha milchama,” which translates to “With wise guidance you can wage your war,” a quote from Proverbs 24:6. Below that are the Hebrew words “HaMossad LeModi'in” (The Intelligence Institute) and the English word “Mossad.”










8. IDF Logo T-shirt (Choice of Colors)

This classic IDF t-shirt is a must-have Israeli souvenir! Made from high-quality cotton in your choice of four different elegant colors - army olive green, black, gray, or white - it features the official insignia of the Israeli military with the words “Israel Defense Forces” in both Hebrew and English. Comfortable, stylish, and full of Israel pride, this shirt makes for a great gift for yourself or a loved one!








9. Camo Design Israel Army Cap

Shield your face from the sun and wear your love for the army that protects the Jewish state all at once with this camouflage baseball cap featuring the IDF’s Hebrew initials in the army's classic yellow font, along with the words “Israeli Army” in English. The hat comes with an adjustable strap, for a comfortable fit with a meaningful message.







10. Israeli Flag 

What better way to show your support for Israel and its army than by flying the Israeli flag? Our classic blue and white Israeli flag is available in a range of sizes and is the perfect home décor or gift for any Israel fan. Durable and made of polyester, it's suitable for hanging on a wall, flying outdoors, or however else you want to use it!






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