The Israeli Army is dedicated to protecting the State of Israel and safeguarding her citizens. Also known as the IDF (Israel Defense Force) and Tzahal (Tzava Hahagana LeYisrael), the army works tirelessly to defend Israel's borders and watch over the people within. This is one of our most popular ranges, letting Jews and Israel's advocates all over the world want to show the IDF their love and support!

IDF Adi Watches

Based in Kibbutz Yavneh, Adi is Israel's premier watchmaker. Their entire watchmaking process - design, production and assembly - happens right here in Israel! Adi has a range of exclusive IDF watches, which feature the insignia of different units in the IDF. These high-quality combine patriotism with Adi's reputation for excellence, making them a great choice of gift for a proud Zionist who appreciates great design!

Israeli Paratroopers, or in Hebrew, Tzanchanim, are some of the toughest soldiers

IDF Clothing

Our great range of IDF-themed clothing includes sweatshirtsT-shirts and hats. Our sweatshirts and t-shirts are available in sizes S-XXL and in a wide range of colors, so there's really something here for everyone! All of these clothing items are available with a range of different insignia, and are a great way to proudly show the world that you support the IDF!

Perfect for any jokester who loves Israel

IDF Music

Our highly exclusive range of army music features songs that have been written and performed by soldiers and performed by the IDF's marching band. These unusual CDs would make an interesting gift for anyone who loves music and supports Israel's army!

The best IDF hits since 1948!

IDF Jewelry

IDF jewelry is probably the easiest way to show your support for the IDF.  Wearing something you feel important, so close to your heart, is a special way to show your love. Find something you'll wear to make a statement and show your support.

The fox on Givati's symbol come from a Biblical story involving Samson defeating an enemy with the help of foxes 

Miscellaneous Gifts

We also have several miscellaneous items united by a common theme - the IDF! Be sure to check out practical ideas like all the souvenirs available, perfect for the next rally or Israel themed party you attend!

Show where your heart lies by proudly donning this IDF bracelet!

Our great range of IDF products is an awesome way to show support and love to our incredible soldiers and army. These products would also make great gifts for proud Zionists!