Walking through the Old City of Jerusalem is absolute magic. There is the contrast between the ancient ruins and the relatively new buildings but the magic really comes in when you see what connects it all together. The entire Old City of Jerusalem is made from Jerusalem Stone, as it has been for thousands of years. In fact, by law, everything in the Old City must be faced with this limestone. Jerusalem Stone comes in white, pinks and reds but when the sunlight hits the stone, it has a golden tint to it, making it understandable why they call the city "Jerusalem of Gold". Bring home the feel of the Old City through the multiple pieces of Judaica made by Israeli artists. Each piece is one of a kind as no two slabs of Jerusalem Stone are the same.


Mezuzahs are a timeless tradition, as Jews have been marking their homes with the simple case and scroll for centuries. Always placed on the front door doorpost and often in the entry of almost every room in the home, mezuzahs are also known to be a symbol of protection with the prayer of Shema Yisrael on the scroll. The Judaica Web Store's Jerusalem Stone mezuzahs come in a large variety of designs and colors as Jerusalem Stone itself varies.  There is no better way to show your love for Judaism and Israel than with a Jerusalem Stone mezuzah on your door for everyone to see.

The engraved Star of David pattern gives a two-toned look


The menorah is one of the most well known symbols of Judaism and is used for the eight day holiday of Hanukkah.  During this winter holiday, we celebrate the miracle of finding a jug of oil in the Temple that lasted for over a week so why not have a menorah made from the same material as the Temple! Gorgeous designs available in a variety of types of Jerusalem Stone as well as adorned with other iconic Jewish symbols. While the design is available to everyone, your own Jerusalem Stone menorah is one of a kind with its own original coloring and shade to it.


The stone is carved into to look like one of the Old City walls.


Candlesticks are an important addition to any Jewish home. For some women, they begin lighting Shabbat candles from Bat Mitzvah age while others start when they get married. Jerusalem Stone candlesticks are something incredibly special to those with an undying love for Israel and the capital city. These sturdy candlesticks are a delight to use to bring in Shabbat and Jewish holidays year after year, always holding meaning in them. The candlelight's reflection on the stone will create a warm golden glow that will really remind you of Jerusalem at sunset.

Start Shabbat with the same glow Jerusalem has on Friday evenings


Jerusalem Stone Jewelry is essentially wearable art with a whole lot of meaning to it. These incredible necklaces, bracelets, and cufflinks are a way to carry Jerusalem close to you at all times or for whenever you are missing Israel. Featuring popular motifs of the Jerusalem skyline, Star of David, Hamsas, even a microfilm Torah, Jerusalem Stone jewelry is unlike any other Jewish jewelry. Just like other stones, Jerusalem Stone comes in reds, pinks, and whites, so no matter which you choose, you'll always have a piece of Jerusalem close to your heart.

A pendant almost identical to the Old City.

Desk Accessories

Work is not always exciting but having a Jerusalem Stone desk accessory will transport you into the Old City of Jerusalem whenever you need a break. These paperweights are the perfect gift to give a coworker or boss who loves Israel as they feature ancient coin prints and writings from the mystical Dead Sea scrolls. Although small and subtle, Jerusalem Stone desk accessories have a lot of meaning to them.

The 12 Tribes symbols in a simple and elegant ways