We have hundreds of Jerusalem-themed gifts and something for everyone looking to bring a piece of the Holy City into their home, their wardrobe, or their jewelry collection. To give you some shopping inspo, we have even compiled our top 15 favorite products that are perfect for Jerusalem lovers worldwide - whether on Israel's Independence Day, Jerusalem Day, or the rest of the year. And like everything else on our site, each item is designed and made by local Israeli artists and sent to you straight from the Land of Israel!

1. Customizable Silver-Plated Shofar with Hoshen Design

This beautiful decorated and personalized shofar from famous Israeli shofar makers Barsheshet-Ribak will remind you of Jerusalem every time you look at it! Made from a ram's horn like those used in the ancient Holy Temple, it's available in a choice of sizes and is additionally plated with high-quality sterling silver and a colorful depiction of the Hoshen Breastplate of the Temple Priests. It can also be customized with a gold-colored name of your choosing in either English or Hebrew, to make it a truly meaningful piece of home décor.

Learn more about the Temple Priests here!

2. Jerusalem Houses Table Runner

Bring a touch of the Holy City to every meal in your home with this lovely Jerusalem table runner! Printed on polyester in vibrant colors, it features beautiful artwork of traditional Jerusalem homes and buildings. This stunning piece was designed right in Jerusalem by Modern Shtetl studio, and would also make for an unforgettable housewarming or holiday gift.

3. Dorit Judaica "Remember Jerusalem" Wall Hanging

One of the most famous lines from Psalms (137) says, "if I forget thee, O' Jerusalem, let my right hand forget itself." Designed by acclaimed Israeli artist Dorit Judaica, this stainless steel cut-out wall hanging features the poignant verse in a traditional Hebrew script. If you're looking for a way to remember Jerusalem even from afar, this elegant piece of home décor is the perfect way to do just that!

4. Mosaic Jerusalem Stone Shabbat Candlesticks Set

If you or someone special in your life lights candles every Shabbat and loves the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, this stunning Jerusalem Stone candlestick set is a must-have! Masterfully crafted by local Israeli artisans, this elegant set features two candlesticks with a matching tray, adorned with a mosaic design from different natural shades of Jerusalem Stone - the famous stone that Jerusalem buildings have been made with since ancient times - and an engraving of the Hebrew words "Shabbat Kodesh" (Holy Sabbath).

Learn more about Jerusalem Stone here!

5. View of Jerusalem Print on Canvas

Pay homage to the most important Jewish city with this gorgeous print of the Old City of Jerusalem! Brought to you by Israeli design studio Modern Shtetl, this beautiful piece will look great wherever you choose to hang it up in your home. Available in a range of sizes, this will fit perfectly in your living room or dining room to add some special magic to your Shabbat and holiday hosting.

6. Hamsa Clock Wall Hanging with Jerusalem Motif

Coming from renowned Israeli design studio Danon is this magnificent Hamsa wall clock featuring a beautiful depiction of the Holy City of Jerusalem. Silver-plated and intricately engraved, this piece of meaningful and functional home décor combines the protective symbol of the Hamsa with a special connection to the Land of Israel, and will remind you and your loved ones of Jerusalem every time you look at it!

7. Marc Chagall King David Mezuzah Case

Take home this limited-edition piece of art in the form of a 24k gold-plated mezuzah case, and be a part of Jerusalem history! The gorgeous mezuzah features a colorful silkscreen depiction of King David, taken from Marc Chagall's famous "Exodus" tapestry which graces Israel's parliament building, the Knesset. Only 3000 copies were made of this special mezuzah, in honor of Jerusalem's 3000th anniversary. Each one bears a replica of Marc Chagall's signature, and comes with an official certificate of authenticity and deluxe gift case. A kosher Ashkenazi or Sephardi mezuzah scroll is also available at an additional cost.

8. Jerusalem of Gold Necklace (Choice of Colors)

Referencing a popular phrase and one of the most famous songs in Israeli history, this intricate circle necklace features the words Yerushalayim Shel Zahav ("Jerusalem of Gold") in a gorgeous Hebrew script.  Below the script is an artistic rendition of Jerusalem's ancient domed buildings. The necklace is available in 925 sterling silver or 24K gold-plating, as well as in two different sizes, so you can find the perfect style and fit for yourself or a loved one!

9. Colorful Western Wall Painting by Zina Roitman

This vibrant painting by talented Israeli artist Zina Roitman depicts the Western Wall plaza after a rainfall, surrounded by Jerusalem's wide skies, gorgeous foliage, and mountain slopes. This work of art is a limited edition serigraph and is signed and numbered by Roitman herself, and a gleaming gold frame can also be added for an extra cost.  Whether you're shopping for yourself or for someone else, this painting is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Learn more about the Western Wall here!

10. Seven-Branched Temple Menorah (Choice of Colors)

Skillfully crafted in the Land of Israel, this Menorah resembles the majestic candelabra that once stood in Jerusalem's Holy Temple and is available either silver-plated or in a combination of silver and gold plating. Its tiered base is decorated with a depiction of the Holy City, including its iconic stone walls and domed roofs. Both classy and full of meaning, this Menorah makes for a beautiful addition to any Jewish home!

Learn about the history and meaning of the 7-branched menorah here!

11. Silver Jerusalem Kiddush Cup and Saucer with Golden Highlights

Have a touch of Jerusalem on every Shabbat and holiday with this gorgeous silver and gold Kiddush cup set! The silver-plated cup and matching saucer are adorned with gold-accented depictions of Jerusalem buildings, along with a Western Wall motif and a colorful Hoshen representing the Temple High Priest's Breastplate from Biblical times. Celebrate your Jewish traditions with style and meaning like never before!

12. Yair Emanuel Blue Jerusalem Tallit Set with Kippah & Bag

A beautiful item straight from the Jerusalem studio of renowned Israeli Judaica artist Yair Emanuel is this elegant embroidered cotton prayer set - featuring a tallit along with a matching tallit bag and kippah, all adorned with exquisite Jerusalem designs in rich shades of blue and accented with gold thread. Whether for yourself or a loved one, this tallit set is an extra-special way to keep Jerusalem in your heart during prayer and religious rituals.

13. 14K Gold & Diamonds Star of David Old Jerusalem Necklace (Choice of Colors)

A deluxe work of art, this beautiful 14K gold Star of David pendant necklace is adorned in each corner with genuine diamonds, sparkling with fire and brilliance, while boasting an intricate depiction of Old Jerusalem in the center, including the Western Wall. A unique and stunning piece that combines timeless beauty and a traditional decorative motif with a luxurious contemporary design, this necklace will help you or your lucky gift recipient connect with Jewish heritage and Jerusalem for many years to come! Choose from yellow gold, white gold, or yellow gold accented with rhodium plating to fit any style.

14. Yair Emanuel Jerusalem Shalom Wall Hanging

Another must-see item from famous Israeli designer Yair Emanuel is this special wall hanging featuring a colorful Jerusalem scene along with the word Shalom in the middle in your choice of Hebrew or English lettering. Designed in Israel and made from hand-painted metal, it'll be a beloved touch of joy and Jewish tradition in your home.

15. Jerusalem: United We Stand Unisex T-Shirt (Choice of Colors)

For those who want to show their patriotism and support for Israel, Jerusalem, and the USA together, this bestselling shirt should be your first choice! It proudly displays the Israeli and American flags crisscrossed along with the word "Jerusalem," with "USA" in the pattern of the American flag. A banner reading "United We Stand" is at the bottom, tying together this proud display of solidarity.

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