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Pesach: the festival of freedom! One of the hallmarks of Jewish life for millenia can be made that much more beautiful than ever with some of the wonderful gifts you will find here! Whether you're looking for a Haggadah, Seder Plate, Matzah Cover, Matzah Tray, Kosher Wine, Kiddush Cup, Afikoman Bag, Cup of Elijah, Passover Netilat Yadayim Cups & Towels or Passover Gift Baskets, you will find everything you want right here, and great prices too! We're your Passover store!

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The Seder Meal: An Occasion to Remember and to Share

Passover is unique among all Jewish holidays for its traditions, foods and ritual objects. It has become increasingly popular to use the Seder meal as an opportunity to invite friends and neighbors into one's home to share this special, symbolic meal, to teach others about our culture, and to strengthen our relationships. Whether you're hosting or you'll be a guest at someone else's table, you can help create an unforgettable holiday celebration.

Stories of Exodus

There is no better language than that of craft to help elucidate the significance of Passover, a holiday that commemorates the journey of a people across strange lands, in search of a better life. For example, our Passover objects of Armenian ceramic and Armenian motifs hold within their form and design the legacy of the Armenian people and their emigration to Israel. In addition, our collection of Haggadahs includes ones that extend the scope of Passover by focusing on the experience of the Diasporic Communities, including the Babylonian Jews, and the Persian Jews and Ethiopian Jews in the 1980s and 1990s.

Contemporary Visual Variations on an Age-Old Tradition

Of course there are a number of contemporary interpretations of Passover items, including painted glass items from Lily Shohat of Gedera, Israel, and hand-painted wooden items from Bezalel Academy-trained and Jerusalem-based artist Yair Emanuel. Purchasing from contemporary Judaica craftspeople is a great way to support those responsible for interpreting our traditions in new and exciting ways.

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