This year, Passover begins at sundown on April 15. Jews all over the world will gather that evening to mark the beginning of Passover by having a Seder, the traditional and interactive retelling of the Exodus story that is followed by a festive meal.

During the Seder, we ask, "Why is this night different from all the other nights?" While there are plenty of possible responses to that question, one important answer is that we get to adorn our table with beautiful Judaica made specially for Passover, like Seder plates, matzah covers, afikoman bags, Elijah's cup, and matzah trays. And, of course, no Seder is complete without Haggadahs and wine.

You might be thinking, "That's a lot of stuff!" No worries — we have compiled some of our favorite items from the top designers and artists across Israel so you can ensure that Passover 2021 is memorable, meaningful, and exquisite.

Seder Plates

Seder plates, the centerpiece of the Passover table, display the six symbolic foods that symbolize the story of Passover: a shank bone, a hard-boiled egg, a vegetable that will be dipped into saltwater, two types of bitter herbs, and charoset. Our wide selection of Seder plates means there is something for everyone  — this one-of-a-kind Jordana Klein plate and Dorit Judaica's vibrant pomegranate Seder plate are both excellent opportunities to bring a piece of Israeli modern art to your table. If you're searching for something at the intersection of utility and luxury, this sleek three-level Seder plate holds the 3 matzahs and doubles as a Seder plate. If your aesthetic is more traditional, this nickel Seder plate is the way to go.

❤︎ We love this pomegranate Seder plate and this Armenian ceramic Seder plate.

Matzah Covers

Like challah at Shabbat dinner, the three matzahs used during the Seder need to be covered. While a piece of cloth sounds pretty plain, many Israeli artists transform the matzah cover into a gorgeous and detailed piece that can become a treasured part of any family's collection. Barbara Shaw and Dorit Judaica both offer a variety of creative embroidered matzah covers, designed in their Israeli studios. If you're looking for a matzah cover/afikoman bag set, Jerusalemite Yair Emanuel has more than 20 designs that will brighten your table and celebration. If you're seeking classic over contemporary, these matzah covers from Jerusalem Judaica are perfect for you!

❤︎ We love this antique style set and this white satin cover.

Afikoman Bags

Toward the beginning of the Seder, one of the three matzahs is split in half, and the smaller piece becomes the afikoman, or dessert. This piece is tucked into a bag and hidden somewhere, traditionally for children to hunt for later in the night. Afikoman bags often come as a set with a matzah cover, like these fun options from Barbara Shaw. Make sure to choose something bold to stand out during the hunt, like these colorful bags designed by Dorit Judaica.

❤︎ We love this matzah-themed bag and this illustrated afikoman bag.


The Haggadah is one of the most important items at a Seder, as it guides us through the many rituals and helps us retell the Exodus story. There are many versions of the Haggadah, all geared toward different audiences and interests. History lovers will enjoy this Floersheim Haggadah from 16th century Germany, while this Haggadah that tells the story of Ethiopian immigration to Israel is perfect for those seeking to connect Passover with more recent journeys to freedom. For those who are more engaged visually, this gorgeously illustrated Haggadah featuring both English and Hebrew is sure to be a hit. If you or your guests don't read Hebrew, do not despair: the Hebrew-English Phonetic Haggadah offers English transliteration for every part of the Seder.

❤︎ We love this pop-up Haggadah and this Haggadah featuring the artwork of Erna Michael.


Stocking up on wine is a crucial part of Passover prep, as each person drinks four cups throughout the night. What better way is there to celebrate our ancestors' journey out of Egypt and eventual return to the Land of Israel than serving Israeli wine at your Seder? While all wine produced in Israel is Kosher for Passover, Israeli wine is certainly not a monolith. Choose from a variety of dry white wines, or opt for bottles of red, like this 2017 Golan Sion Creek favorite.

❤︎ We love this Castel Grand Vin and this delicious pomegranate wine.

Matzah Trays

Matzah trays are the piece of Passover tableware you never knew you needed. Putting the matzah on a stylish tray rather than the plain bag it came in will keep the crumbs to a minimum and allow guests to take with ease. Bring a piece of Jerusalem to your table with this embroidered silk Yair Emanuel tray or this silver-plated, gold-accented piece from Jerusalem Judaica. If you want your table to bloom, both this Dorit Judaica pomegranate piece and this handmade Armenian ceramic matzah tray feature radiant floral motifs. For a tray that is more modern and minimalist, check out Laura Cowan's modular magnetic tray, inspired by the Mediterranean waves.

❤︎ We love this artistic glass tray and this fold-up matzah tray.

Elijah's Cup

During the Seder, we drink four cups of wine, but we actually pour five. The fifth is reserved for the prophet Elijah. From beautiful gold-plated cups, to those made out of wood or sterling silver, there are plenty of options to choose from, but choose wisely: a prophet deserves only the best!

❤︎ We love this handmade Armenian ceramic cup and this Jerusalem themed cup.