April 19, 2019 is the first night of Passover, where families and friends will gather together to participate in the Seder, reading the Haggadah, and partaking in different traditions. Passover is a time of renewal and over this holiday, you can renew your old Judaica and bring in something fresh and modern. There are plenty of different pieces of Judaica involved and if you are having Passover at your house for the first time, now is the chance to choose something you will love as you start your own traditions. Happy Passover and happy shopping!

Seder Plates

Seder Plates are the centerpiece of the Passover table that hold the six symbolic foods that help tell the Passover story being; a shank bone, egg, a vegetable of some sort, two types of bitter herbs, and haroset. Choose between traditional designs like these sterling silver Hazorfim plates and unique modern designs like this minimalistic metallic Seder plate. Traditionally, the Seder plate is round but modern Israeli artists have created amazing rectangular designs like this delicate floral plate and this handmade ceramic one by Michal Ben Yosef. With nearly 100 options, you are sure to find the perfect Passover Seder plate for your table.

❤︎ We love this pomegranate Seder plate and this Armenian ceramic Seder plate.

Matzah Covers

During the Passover the matzah, which replaces bread during the weeklong holiday, needs a matzah cover, just as challah has a challah cover. At the Seder, three matzahs are used, one of which is broken in half used as the Afikoman. There are plenty amazing designs to choose from, many of which come as a set such as these Yair Emanuel ones. For the Seder specifically there are matzah covers with pockets for each of the three matzahs and those that are a decorative cover to use for the Seder and Shabbat Passover.  Matzah covers are a great gift to give if you are going away for the holiday.

❤︎ We love this antique style set and this white satin cover.

Afikoman Bags

One of the three matzot used during the Seder is split in half and the smaller half becomes the Afikoman, or dessert. This is tucked away into a bag and hidden either by the children or adults for the other to find as a way to keep the children actively participating in the Seder. While many come as a set with a matzah cover like these fun Barbara Shaw options, there are a few that come as just an Afikoman bag like this Henna Paisley one so you can mix and match your Afikoman bag and matzah cover. Make sure to choose something bold that will stand out in your search with the kids!

❤︎ We love this matzah themed bag and this illustrated Afikoman bag.


Haggadahs are an incredibly important part of the Passover Seder as they tell the story of the Jews leaving Egypt, about their freedom and what has to be said about the whole thing. There are many different kinds of Haggadahs, many of which include some form of art from Haggadahs dating back to hundreds of years ago and around the world like this Floersheim Haggadah from 16th century Germany. Passover is a time to ask questions and gain new knowledge, so Haggadahs like this one from Nechama Leibowitz and this Ethiopian themed Haggadah tell new stories and give new insights.

❤︎ We love this pop-up Haggadah and this Haggadah featuring the artwork of Erna Michael.


Everyone knows wine is a major part of the Seder as we drink four cups of it throughout the night. The four cups represent the four expressions of redemption when leaving Egypt, which are; "I will take you out", "I will save you", "I will redeem you", and "I will take you out as a nation". Many people enjoy using Israeli wine at their Passover Seder, not only because it is known to be Kosher for Passover, but also because it is a symbol of freedom, that we have a Jewish homeland. Many choose a nice red wine for Passover, such as this Golan Heights favorite, but a nice dry white wine is also an acceptable option.

❤︎ We love this Castel Grand Vin and this delicious pomegranate wine.

Matzah Trays

Matzah Trays are a piece of Passover tableware you never knew you needed. Rather than keeping the matzah in the cardboard box it came in, putting it on a stylish tray will keep the crumbs to a minimum while passing the matzah around the table. Some of these come with a lid, allowing you to keep the matzah out all night without it going stale and some fold up, like this embroidered one, allowing for easy storage. These matzah trays are a great host gift for when you go to family or friends for the holiday. There are 40+ designs to choose from, meaning there is a style for every type of decor.

❤︎ We love this handmade ceramic tray and this fold-up matzah tray.

Elijah's Cup

Elijah's Cup is considered by some to be the 5th cup of wine at the Seder, as this massive goblet is filled up, but not drunk, towards the end of the night. There is a part of the Seder where one person opens the front door and welcomes Elijah the Prophet into their home to participate in the Seder. This oversized cup is highly decorative, as Elijah the Prophet deserves only the best. From beautiful gold plated cups, to those made out of wood, or sterling silver, there are so many options to choose from. This cup is left out over night and kids love seeing that Elijah the Prophet drank some when they wake up in the morning!

❤︎ We love this painted glass Elijah cup and this Jerusalem themed cup.