• The 10 Best Passover Gifts for 2021

    The 10 Best Passover Gifts for 2021

    Getting ready for Passover (or Pesach in Hebrew) is never an easy task. Between going to the supermarket to load up on matzah and macaroons, choosing the right Hagaddah or perfect Afikomen Bag to use ...

  • Haggadah Buying Guide

    Haggadah Buying Guide

    A Haggadah is the book used at the Passover Seder to tell the story of Exodus. It guides us through the 14 rituals, blessings, and stories that comprise the Seder. While the traditional text within ...

  • Choosing a Passover Haggadah

    Choosing a Passover Haggadah

    Every year at Passover, Jews across the world gather with friends and family to retell the story of our ancestors' escape from slavery, and their journey to becoming the Children of Israel. In the fam...

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