Probably more than any other festival, Passover is surrounded by traditions and rituals. Several days or even weeks before Passover, Jewish households get turned upside down and all traces and crumbs of chametz – leavened products – are forcefully banished. Foods that we probably wouldn't contemplate eating at any other time suddenly fill our kitchens (20 pounds of matza meal, anyone?), and in the run up to Seder night, the smell of boiled eggs, parsley and horseradish seems to explode into the room every time someone so much as looks at the fridge! After what seems like months of planning, Pesach finally arrives and the Seder gets underway, with the help of several items that just don't appear at any other time during the year. Everything you need for a stunning yet peaceful Seder can be found here at Judaica Webstore:

Kiddush Cups

Wine represents joy and happiness, and we drink an impressive four cups of it throughout the Seder! It plays a crucial role in experiencing the Passover story, so it's only fitting that the cups used are as beautiful as everything else on the Seder table. Our broad range of artistic Kiddush cups include striking designs in stainless steel, anodized aluminium, silver, and specially varnished wood, so you're sure to find something for any taste and budget.
♥️ We love this ceramic Kiddush cup with pomegranates by Michal Ben Yosef, and this simple but iconic sterling silver Kiddush cup from Nadav Art.

Israeli Wine

Throughout the Seder, we drink four cups of wine, each of which represents a different expression of redemption in the Torah. Our impressive collection of fine Israeli wines come from internationally-acclaimed, award winning wineries, and are sure to make an impressive addition to your Seder table, or be a tasty and useful gift for your host!
♥️ We love this Gamla Sangiovese Red Wine from the Golan Heights Winery – it boasts a 2009 vintage and extraordinarily robust and fruity flavour!

Matza Trays and Covers

We eat thin, crispy sheets of unleavened bread - also known as matza - at Pesach to remind us how hastily our ancestors left Egypt: they left in such a hurry that their bread did not have time to rise! We have a selection of striking matza trays crafted in a broad range of styles; we also have an exceptional array of mazta covers and afikoman bags made from appliqued or hand-painted silk, which are guaranteed to add a touch of luxury to your table.
♥️ We love this henna-inspired blue paisley matzah cover by Barbara Shaw, and this ripple-effect matzah plate from design powerhouse Laura Cowan!

Seder Plates

The Seder plate sits proudly at the very center of the Seder table, holding the different ritual foodstuffs which are displayed and used throughout the night. Our exceptional collection of stunning Seder plates features designs in wood, stainless steel, glass, anodized aluminium and hand-fired ceramic, and is sure to include something to suit everyone's style!
♥️ We love this stunning mixed-media Star of David Seder plate from Shraga Landesman, complete with aluminium and wood design and strong Jewish symbolism, and this lacy, dainty, hand-painted masterpiece brass Seder plate design by Orit Grader.

Elijah's Cup

Many people have the custom to pour a fifth cup of wine which is not drunk: it represents the fifth expression of redemption in the Torah, and is supposedly 'drunk' by the prophet Elijah when he visits Jewish homes on Seder night. These Elijah cups would all make beautiful additions to your Seder table, while reminding your guests that our real home is in Israel!
♥️ We love this stunning silver cup of Elijah from Hadad Bros: it’s exquisite silver work will make an extraordinary addition to your Passover table.


A Haggada is a special book that details the order of Seder night rituals, and relates the story of our ancestor's exodus from Egypt. Our range of Israeli Haggadot includes limited edition replicas of Haggadot from medieval Germany complete with exquisite renditions of the original artwork, and a unique book in which the Passover story is interlaid with the story of the Ethiopian Jewish community's journey to Israel.
♥️ We love this incredible pop-up Haggadah book! It will make your Seder so much more fun and be a fantastic gift ahead of the holiday.

All our spectacular Seder products have been designed and created by talented Israeli artists, so you can add a little piece of the Holy Land to your celebrations this Pesach!