Passover is less than a month away! Jews around the world will begin the joyous holiday of Passover in the evening of Monday, April 22nd, lasting for seven days in Israel and eight in the diaspora.

Whether you're celebrating with a table full of loved ones or keeping it small due, you can make sure that you and your friends and family have everything needed for a meaningful holiday - with beautiful Passover gifts from the Land of Israel!

Sending a meaningful piece of Passover Judaica or home décor, or even a bottle of Kosher for Passover wine, can be a wonderful way to let your loved ones know you're with them in spirit this holiday. Or maybe you’re missing Jerusalem and want to treat yourself by adding a piece of the Holy Land to your own home - whatever you need, Israel's best artisans are prepared with all the essentials.

While our full selection of Passover gifts includes a wide array of options, we have compiled some of our top picks below to narrow your search for the perfect Passover gifts!



1. Metal Seder Plate and Matzah Tray Set - Pomegranate Motif

In Hebrew, Passover is also called Chag Ha’Aviv, or the Spring Festival. As such, this matching Matzah and Seder Plate Set, created by renowned Israeli designer Dorit Judaica, is the perfect way to brighten your Passover table while also welcoming spring with its vibrant floral and pomegranate motif! Expertly made from stainless steel, it flawlessly combines a contemporary style with Jewish tradition and is sure to be a hit this Passover.





2. Must-Have Passover Seder Gift Set - Pomegranates

Pomegranates are a popular motif in Jewish art, as one of the Biblical Seven Species and a symbol of love and abundance. So why not make pomegranates the theme of your Passover Seder this year?! This three-piece Passover Seder Gift Set by Israel's renowned Judaica studio Lily Art contains a Seder plate, kiddush cup, and matzah plate. Each piece is flawlessly handmade of glass and displays a phenomenal pomegranate design. Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone you love, this set will make Passover special for many years to come!





3. Gold-Accented Cup of Elijah with Jerusalem Design

Elijah the Prophet is the symbolic guest of honor on Seder night, so if you want to get something special to welcome him with, this gorgeous silver-plated Kiddush Cup Set and its matching saucer will add exceptional beauty to your Seder while honoring Elijah. And best of all, because this set is adorned with a timeless and intricate depiction of Jerusalem, this cup can also be used on Shabbat, other holidays, or as a unique addition to your home décor with a very special reminder of the Holy City and the Land of Israel.





4. Jordana Klein Glass Seder Plate - Burning Bush

For a Seder plate that combines Biblical symbolism with magnificent modern design, check out this "Burning Bush" Glass Seder Plate by acclaimed Jerusalem-based artist Jordana Klein. Beautifully made of glass, this plate depicts the inspiring image of the Burning Bush through which God appeared to Moses and called on him to take up his task of leading the Jews out of Egypt. Add optional glass dishes to keep your Seder plate foods mess-free, and display this gorgeous work of art when not in use at the Seder!





5. Dorit Judaica Wall Hanging - Remember Jerusalem

Remembering is a big theme of Passover, and you can help that special person in your life remember their Jewish heritage and the Land of Israel with this stunning stainless steel wall hanging. It features the famous verse from the Book of Psalms (137:5), "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget itself" in a traditional Hebrew script. This special gift will help your loved ones remember Jerusalem this Passover and the rest of the year!





6. Pomegranate Passover Seder Table Essentials Set

Set an elegant Passover Seder table with this matching set! This gift set contains a pomegranate designed tablecloth in a range of size options, along with a matzo cover and afikoman bag, each with an embroidered pomegranate motif by renowned Israeli artist Yair Emanuel. Since pomegranates are one of Israel's seven special species, and a symbol of abundance in Jewish tradition, this exquisite three-piece gift set will make a truly meaningful and enjoyable gift for someone close to your heart this Passover!





7. Passover Seder Gift Set - Armenian Ceramics

If you're looking for a practical Passover gift set that is also a stunning work of art, this Armenian Ceramics Passover Seder Gift Set is the one for you! Beautifully handmade by the skilled Armenian artisans of Jerusalem, this enchanting Seder gift set contains a Passover Seder plate, Elijah's cup, and a matzah plate. Each piece is extraordinarily decorated with a classic Armenian floral pattern and sports the beautiful blue borders that are iconic of Armenian ceramics.






8. "Moses: First Man To Download From The Cloud" Fun T-Shirt

Looking for a gift that’s a little more fun and down to earth? This hysterical shirt is perfect for the Passover holiday. Give a gift that’s humorous, comfortable, and perfectly lines up with the time of year. The text, “Moses: First Man With A Tablet Who Downloaded Data From The Cloud" is just beside an animated depiction of Moses. This fun shirt comes in a range of colors, sure to amuse all your friends and family during Passover 2024 and beyond.





9. Passover Seder Essentials Gift Set - Jerusalem Motif

The Passover Seder ends with the joyous call of "HaShanah HaBa'ah Be'Yerushalayim!" ("Next Year in Jerusalem!"), so why not make Jerusalem the center of this year's celebration with this phenomenal Passover Seder Essentials Gift Set from Israel?! This fabulous set contains a silver-plated Kiddush cup adorned with gold accents and a stunning depiction of the Holy City, along with a set of matzah essentials by Yair Emanuel, all embroidered with colorful Jerusalem scenes: a matzah tray, matzah cover, and afikoman bag. This meaningful set will help your loved ones connect to Jerusalem wherever they are!





10. Lin’s Farm Passover Gift Box: Haroset, Wine, Olive Oil

If you're searching for a Passover gift for someone with refined tastes, check out this sensational Kosher for Passover gift box from Israeli artisanal brand Lin’s Farm. It includes top-of-the-line kosher red wine from Jerusalem Wineries, pure Israeli olive oil, and a jar of delicious, traditional Passover haroset. Featuring the best that the Land of Israel has to offer, the set comes in a chic gift box and makes a perfect Passover gift for a special someone who loves the flavors of Israel.





11. Martin Holt Jewish Humor Wall Clock - Swimming

Looking for a funky and fun gift to give someone with a sense of humor this Passover? Look no further than this fantastic wall clock featuring the colorful art of Israeli artist Martin Holt! Depicting the comical image of Moses parting the waters at a swimming pool so that a Hasidic man can run, this captivating clock gives a light-hearted take on the Exodus from Egypt that is at the center of the Passover story. Joyful, practical, and on topic, this clock will make a fabulous gift for anyone who loves to show off their Jewish pride and original taste.





12. The Book of Blessings & Haggadah - Hebrew/English

For a Haggadah that is useful all year round, this bilingual Hebrew-English Book of Blessings is the one for you! In addition to the entire Passover Haggadah, this beautiful pocket-size edition contains an inspiring array of blessings, songs, prayers, and zmirot for Shabbat and the holidays. Filled with countless, full-color illustrations, this book is both practical and refined and will be cherished in your family for many years to come.





13. Passover Seder Plate & Matzah Holder Set - Passover Words

Any lover of the Hebrew language and of contemporary design will love this classy Passover Seder Plate & Matzah Holder Set from the Land of Israel! The superb matching pieces are decorated with a range of Passover-related words in stylish Hebrew fonts on an elegant brown-beige background. The Seder plate features the word "Pesach" (Passover) along with the names of the six symbolic foods, while the matzah plate displays the words "matzah", "Pesach", and "Seder". Sent straight from Jerusalem, this Passover gift set will add fun décor along with a special Israeli connection to your holiday table!




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