Getting ready for Passover (or Pesach in Hebrew) is never an easy task. Between going to the supermarket to load up on matzah and macaroons, choosing the right Hagaddah or perfect Afikomen Bag to use at the Seder, and planning eight days' worth of unleavened meals, preparing for Passover can be stressful!

As if that wasn’t enough, Passover 2021 brings its own unique challenges for a few reasons. This year, the first night of Passover begins on the evening of March 27, just after Shabbat ends — meaning many hosts will have more prep to do and less time to do it. And of course, due to the ongoing pandemic, many of us will not be gathering with the friends and family that make the holiday so special. 

While you might not be crowding around the same physical table as your loved ones this year, making sure your friends and family have everything they need to celebrate Passover in their own homes is the perfect way to stay connected from afar. 

Maybe it’s your child’s first Passover away from home, and you want to make sure they have a suitable Seder plate. Maybe you want to send your friends across the country a bottle of Kosher for Passover wine so they know you’re thinking of them. Maybe you’re missing Jerusalem and want to treat yourself by adding a piece of the Holy Land to your own home. 

No matter who you’re shopping for, we have something for everyone! While our full selection of Passover gifts includes an array of options, we have compiled our top 10 picks into this handy guide to narrow your search for the perfect Passover 2021 gifts.


1. Dorit Judaica Metal Seder Plate and Matzah Tray Set – Pomegranate Motif

In Hebrew, Passover is also called Chag Ha’Aviv, or the Spring Festival. As such, this matching Matzah and Seder Plate Set, created by renowned Israeli designer Dorit Judaica, is the perfect way to brighten your Passover table while also welcoming the spring!

Price: $109.00




2. The Haggadah of Passover with Pop-Up Spreads (Hardcover with Slipcase)

If you’re worried about keeping the kids engaged during the Seder, then this splendid Haggadah from the Israel Museum Collection might be a great holiday gift to give to your little ones! With amazing pop-up illustrations and easy-to-read Hebrew and English text, this delightfully colorful hardcover Haggadah even comes with a special kid-proof slipcase so your family can enjoy it for years to come.

Price: $39.99



3. Grand Gold-Accented Cup of Elijah With Jerusalem Design

Although you might be anticipating fewer guests this year because of the pandemic, there's one person you can always count on to stop by: Elijah the Prophet! In fact, he's actually the guest of honor on Seder night, so if you want to get something special to welcome him with, this gorgeous silver-plated Kiddush Cup Set and its matching saucer will not only add exceptional beauty to your Seder but will also ensure you don’t forget to set a place for Elijah. And best of all, because this set is adorned with a timeless and intricate depiction of Jerusalem, this cup can also be used on Shabbat, other holidays, or as a unique addition to your home décor!

  Price: $124.00



4. Jordana Klein Glass Seder Plate – Pomegranate

If your goal this year is to have a Seder table that's popping with rich colors and meaningful motifs, then this Seder plate is for you! With its vibrant hues and striking artistry, this stunning, pomegranate-themed glass Seder plate is a particularly bold piece of Passover Judaica. Made by Israeli artist Jordana Klein, this one-of-a-kind creation perfectly demonstrates the artist's immense talent at blending modern art with Jewish tradition. You can even decide to get this gorgeous creation by itself as a spectacular stand-alone centerpiece, or together with its corresponding Simanim Bowls and Pomegranate Matzah Plate to make a magnificent Passover set that will be cherished forever by anyone who receives it!

Price: $220.00 



5. Dorit Judaica Wall Hanging - Remember Jerusalem (Silver)

Considering that remembering is a major aspect of Passover, it’s a great holiday to gift this stainless steel wall hanging to anyone in your life who is (literally or figuratively) longing for Jerusalem. This gorgeous piece of home décor features the famous Hebrew verse from the Book of Psalms (137:5), "If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem." 

Price: $44.00




6. Yair Emanuel Embroidered Pomegranates Runner

Why is this night different from all the other nights? Because it’s the perfect occasion to set your table apart with this silk runner designed by one of Israel’s top artists, Yair Emanuel! Available in two sizes, you can choose whether the embroidered pomegranates are red, blue, or gold. 

Price: $17.00




7. Passover Seder Plate - Armenian Ceramic

As we carry on our ancestors’ tradition of retelling the Exodus story, Passover is a wonderful opportunity to honor another intricate part of Jerusalem’s history and culture with this floral ceramic Armenian Seder plate. The handmade piece comes with bowls inscribed with the Hebrew and English names of the six traditional Passover foods. 

Price: $54.99




8. Classic Matzah Tray - Floral Armenian Ceramic

If you loved the last item but already own a seder plate — or if you’re just on the hunt for a gorgeous addition to your table — this colorful handmade matzah tray is a great way to incorporate traditional Armenian ceramics into your festive meal.

Price: $39.99




9. Yair Emanuel Embroidered Matzah Cover and Afikoman Bag - Jerusalem

Bring a piece of Jerusalem into your home with this matzah cover and matching afikomen bag, designed in the Holy City by renowned Israeli artist Yair Emanuel. Embroidered with an ancient Jerusalem motif and the Hebrew words Pesach and afikomen, this silk set will become a treasured part of anyone’s Passover collection. 

Price: $49.00




10. Lin’s Farm Mediterranean Superfood Specialties Gift Box

Send your loved ones a taste of Israel’s finest flavors straight to their door from the Land of Israel! This amazing Kosher for Passover gift box includes a bottle of Jerusalem Wineries’ merlot, extra virgin olive oil and charoset from Lin’s Farm, and Holy Cacao chocolate. Mmm...yummy!

Price: $69.00




If you’re interested in looking at our full selection of Kosher for Passover treats, Seder essentials, and Judaica from the Land of Israel, be sure to check out our extensive 2021 Passover gift guide to see what other amazing delights we have in store for you! We wish you all a  Chag Sameach and Happy Passover from Israel!