The main event of Passover is the Passover Seder, the ritual-filled festive meal during which we tell the story of the Jewish People's liberation from slavery in Egypt, through special ritual items just for Passover: The story is recounted from a special book called a Haggadah. The centerpiece of the table is the Seder plate, containing the six symbolic foods that tell the story of Passover. Matzah - the "bread of affliction" - is eaten as a reminder of how quickly the Israelites left Egypt, covered and placed in a special matzah plate. A piece of matzah (the "afikoman") is broken off to be eaten after the meal and hidden in an afikoman bag. And finally, the cup of Elijah is placed on the table in the hope that the Messiah and redemption will one day come. (For more detailed info on all the different items you'll need for the Seder check out our Seder Essentials Buying Guide.)

If it all sounds overwhelming, don't worry! We’ve made your holiday shopping easier by combining some of the most stunning Passover Judaica essentials together in beautiful, matching sets. Check out our staff’s top 10 favorites below, and browse the rest of our stunning Passover Gift Sets here.

Designed by leading Israeli artists and brought to you straight from Jerusalem, these Passover sets will make this year's Seder extra special!


1. Armenian Ceramics Passover Gift Set

For a Seder set with a uniquely Middle Eastern look, check out this awesome Armenian Ceramics Passover Gift Set. Handmade in Israel by the skilled Armenian craftsmen of Jerusalem, this set includes a Seder plate, matzah plate, and cup of Elijah. Each piece is stunningly decorated in the classic Armenian floral design with its emphasis on blue. A stylish and meaningful Judaica set that also makes a fabulous gift for someone you love, this Armenian Ceramics Passover Gift Set is a must-have this Passover!






2. Israeli Designer Passover Seder Essentials Gift Set - Pomegranates

If you're looking for a Passover Seder set that is rich in Biblical symbolism and has a deep connection to the Land of Israel, this Pomegranate Designer Passover Seder Essentials Gift Set is the one for you! A unique design by two of Israel's leading artists - Yair Emanuel and Lily Art - this fantastic set includes a Seder plate, matzah plate, cup of Elijah, matzah cover, and afikoman cover. Each piece in this sensational set flaunts a beautiful pomegranate design, representing abundance and the Land of Israel. Steeped in Jewish tradition and unparalleled in beauty, this superb set will make this year's Passover truly special.






3. Designer Passover Essentials Set - Light Marble Motif

If a sleek, contemporary look is more your style, check out this marble motif Seder essentials set. With a Seder plate, matzah holder box, and kiddush cup, each piece in this wonderful set has a classy, timeless look reminiscent of elegant marble that will have a prominent place in your family for years to come. Whether for yourself or someone you love, this special set will bring joy and meaning to Passover for many years to come!






4. Dorit Judaica Metal Seder Plate and Matzah Tray Set – Pomegranate Motif

Decorate your Seder table with an outstanding Israeli design with this pomegranate Seder and matzah plate duo. Made by renowned Israeli designer Dorit Judaica, each piece in this set is decorated with a stunning leafy pomegranate design, and the Seder plate comes with six glass dishes for each of the symbolic foods. Vibrant, colorful, and meaningful, this Seder and matzah plate set makes a great gift for the holiday, or for a wedding or housewarming all year round.






5. Passover Seder Essentials Gift Set - Pomegranates (Blue & Purple)

For a Seder set with a more contemporary style, check out this beautiful Passover Seder Essentials Gift Set by Israeli designer Lily Art. Containing a Seder plate, cup of Elijah, and a matzah plate, each piece in the set is elegantly decorated with pomegranate motifs in subtle blue and purple shades. As a symbol of the Land of Israel and a life of abundance, the pomegranate design of this gorgeous set is sure to make this year's Passover Seder a meaningful and enjoyable experience for all.

This sensational set is also available in this gorgeous Jerusalem design, as well as this outstanding Ornate Gold & Silver pattern.





6. The Must-Have Seder Collection

This magnificent Must-Have Seder Collection combines the old with the new and includes a range of traditional Jewish motifs. The traditional metal Seder plate flaunts a beautiful vintage-style design, while the cup of Elijah is decorated with a magnificent Jerusalem motif and can also be used as a kiddush cup. The matzah holder, afikoman bag, and matzah cover are delightfully decorated with pomegranate designs symbolizing abundance. This collection also comes with its own wonderfully illustrated Hebrew-English Haggadah. Containing all your Passover Seder needs, this Seder collection really is a must-have.






7. Armenian Ceramics Jerusalem Seder Gift Set

This exquisite Armenian Ceramics Jerusalem Seder Gift Set is truly one-of-a-kind! Handcrafted and painted by the skilled Armenian artisans of Jerusalem, this 3-piece set includes an intricately decorated Seder plate, kiddush cup, and matzah plate. Each piece is decorated in the striking blue outlines that are iconic of Armenian ceramics, along with colorful depictions of the Holy city of Jerusalem. A meaningful and practical work of art from the Land of Israel, this Judaica gift set is the perfect way to make your Passover unforgettable!






8. Jordana Klein Seder Plate and Matzah Plate Set – Splitting of the Sea

For a Seder that is magnificently modern but with Biblical connection, this Seder and matzah plate set is the one for you! The design of these phenomenal plates is an inspiring interpretation of the splitting of the sea, the miracle described in the Book of Exodus (14:21) as the Israelites fled Egypt. The Seder plate comes with six designated places for the symbolic foods, while the matzah plate is decorated with the word "matzah" in Hebrew. A trendy and contemporary work of art, this set will provide a focal point for the Passover Seder for many years to come.

This remarkable set is also available in this beautiful "Burning Bush" design.




9. Designer Passover Essentials Set - Blue Mandala Motif

If you want a uniquely Israeli Passover this year, check out this Seder plate and matzah essentials set by popular Israeli designer Lily Art. The design of this 3-piece set features a beautiful Middle Eastern mandala design, adorning the glass Seder plate along with a matching matzah plate and cover. A great way to put the Land of Israel at the center of your Passover Seder in 2024 and for years to come!






10. Passover Seder Plate & Matzah Holder Set – Passover Words 

If you're a lover of the Hebrew language, this Passover Seder Plate & Matzah Holder Set is the one for you! The superb Seder plate and matching matzah holder are decorated with a range of Passover-related words in Hebrew on an elegant brown-beige background. At the center of the Seder plate, the word "Pesach" (Passover) is displayed and is surrounded by the names of the six symbolic foods - each with their set place on the plate. The matzah holder displays the words "matzah", "Pesach", and "Seder". Brought to you straight from the Holy City, this Passover set is sure to bring a whole new meaning to "Next Year in Jerusalem!"






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