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Deluxe Torah Scroll Replica - Large
Special Price $84.00 Regular Price $97.00
Deluxe Torah Scroll Replica - Small
Special Price $22.50 Regular Price $25.00
Shabbat Travel Set - 5 pieces
Special Price $44.95 Regular Price $49.95
Traditional Rosh Hashanah Gift Box
Special Price $59.00 Regular Price $64.00
Shabbat Ten-Piece Travel Set
Special Price $62.96 Regular Price $69.95
Deluxe Sephardic Torah Scroll Replica - Extra Large
Special Price $807.30 Regular Price $897.00
Shabbat Journey Travel Kit in a Tin
Special Price $19.95 Regular Price $24.95
Items 1-36 of 121
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The written treasures of one of the most literate countries in the world are now open to you! Whether you're looking for Israeli literature or books about Israeli or Jewish history, wars, the Israeli-Arab conflict, Israel maps and guides, or kosher cookbooks, our selection is second to none! And don't forget our extensive collection of Hebrew books and classic Jewish books. Enjoy!

Torahs, Haggadah, and Prayer Books

Our collection of texts on the Torah include various editions of the sacred texts themselves, including ones in large print or ones with a handsome handcrafted brown leather binding. There are also books of commentary from famous rabbis and scholars. We carry a large selection of books on other matters of Judaism from Haggadah and Jewish prayer books to books on Jewish law and Jewish Philosophy. There are also publications that bring Jewish faith to contemporary practical issues like parenting and Jewish womanhood.


To always continue learning and growing is an essential Jewish value. The Judaica Webstore carries a large selection of analytical books about every aspect of Jewish existence, from beautiful editions of sacred texts, to scholarly commentary, to books on the history of the Holy Land, to volumes dealing with contemporary Israel and the Jewish-Arab conflict.

Photography and Culture

There are several books on photography of the Israeli Defense Forces, Jewish history, cultural groups, art and much more. These are a great way to increase your understanding of Judaism in a way you may have never experienced.

Hebrew Language Study

If you're traveling to Israel, of course you'll want to brush up on your Hebrew! We offer great Hebrew language instruction books with optinos for Biblical Hebrew and Modern Hebrew. In some cases you can even get these with software.

Arab-Israeli Conflict

Of course there are also texts on the Israeli-Arab conflict, including collections of political and social commentary, books that detail the history of the conflict on both sides, and volumes that tackle the issue of living day to day despite fear.

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