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No matter the occasion, add an element of your personal faith to your favorite outfit with one of our stylish pieces of Star of David jewelry from the Land of Israel. At Judaica WebStore, we offer a wide array of designer Israeli-made Star of David necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets for you to choose from.

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What Does The Star of David Represent?

Today, the Star of David is one of the most popular symbols for the Jewish People. In Judaism's mystical tradition, the Kabbalah, the Star of David symbolizes the synthesis of heaven and earth, the covenant between God and the Jewish People, the omnipresence of the Almighty as well as the unity of the Jewish People.

What Does The Six-Pointed Star Mean?

The six-pointed star, or hexagram, means various things to the different peoples who have adopted it as a symbol. As written above, in Judaism the six-pointed star is known as the Star of David and is one of the most well-known symbols of the Jewish People. Additionally, the star contains various mystical meanings, including the synthesis of heaven and earth, the unity of the Jewish People and the omnipresence of the Almighty.

Where Did The Star of David Come From?

The Star of David first appears in Jewish sources beginning in the Second Temple period primarily as a decorative motif. Starting in the Middle Ages, the symbol begins to appear in religious texts, Jewish family seals and Jewish establishments in Central and Southern Europe before moving to Western and Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East as well. By the 19th century, the Star of David attained its prominence as a Jewish symbol, so much so that it is the highlight of the Israeli flag.

The Hebrew name for the Star of David, Magen David (meaning "Shield of David"), originates from the Middle Ages and was found in Jewish religious texts, such as prayer books and mystical works.

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