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Nothing can compare with the feeling of getting a Jewish ritual item made in the Holy Land and sent directly to you from Jerusalem! Whether you're looking for a tallit/tallis, a mezuzah, Sabbath candlesticks, or a menorah, you will find a huge selection and great prices right here! If you want a kippah/yarmulke, Jewish holiday or a bar/bat mitzvah gift, we definitely have what you need!

A Complete Line of Judaica

No matter what your need, your price range or your tastes, our line of Judaica is sure to exceed your expectations. Judaica Webstore has an excellent collection of Kiddush cups, Netilat Yadayim, and Sabbath candlesticks, plus Seder plates, as well as ritual garments, like Kippot and Tallitot, all in a variety of materials and styles.

Classical Designs

Ritual vessels are available in classical styles, like our Kiddush cups, Sabbath candlesticks, and menorahs from Hazorfim Silver, a premier silversmith shop founded in Israel in 1952 by skilled émigré craftsmen from eastern Europe. Nickel-plated alternatives achieve an elegance similar the Hazorfim but are easier on your wallet. There are also a number of candlesticks and cups in 24K gold-plated pewter, decorated in iridescent enamel and jewels, featuring popular motifs like the seven species of Israel or the pomegranate.

Traditionally designed ritual garments include plain satin or knit kippahs as well as kippahs with simple embroideries, like a delicate Old Jerusalem motif around the edge or a Star of David up top. We carry classic tallit designs like the Prima A.A. model with the traditional stripes in black on white, blue on white, or white on white, with touches of silver and gold if you prefer.

Artisan Judaica

In addition to traditional designs, we have a whole line of artisanal Judaica by Israeli artists such as Yair Emanuel and Lily Shohat. There are menorahs, Sabbath candlesticks, Rosh Hashanah honey dishes and Seder plates in hand painted wood or glass as well as cut and cast metal. Ritual garments come in raw silk, hand-painted, appliquéd and embroidered.

Shofars, Blessings, Haggadahs, and Educational Items

Also available are ram's horn shofars along with shofar pouches and shofar stands, as well as Hebrew blessings for the home, for the medical professional and for the Sabbath, on ceramic, silver, wood, and textiles. We have educational items for the children, including holiday games and songs, as well as a wide range Haggadahs.

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