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Jewish art goes back centuries, but modern times have seen nothing less than an explosion of art in the Jewish and Israeli world. Both in fine art as well as Judaica, Israeli artists such as Yair Emanuel, David Gerstein, David Fisher and others have made their mark. Of course, the early 20th century works of Marc Chagall have stood the test of time and have only grown in value.

You can read more about work and products from Israeli artists here.

Extensive Jewish Art Gallery from the Top Israeli Artists

The art world has seen a movement away from high art and a return to crafts. This trend is certainly visible in Israel today, where you can find boutiques everywhere selling the local and the hand made. Part of this trend is due to an interest in politically and socially responsible purchasing, the desire to know exactly where our money goes. Judaica Webstore has curated a wonderful collection of aritsanal Judaica for you. Help us support these artists who use their craft to celebrate our culture and strengthen our community.

Yair Emanuel, Lily Shohat, Shraga Landesman, Avner Agayof, David Fisher, and David Gerstein.

Yair Emanuel practically covers it all, from textiles to wood to metal. He has produced a colorful line of Judaica, including everything from kippahs and tallitot to Kiddush cups and Sabbath candleholders. Lily Shohat of Lily Art produces a vast array of candleholders, trays, honey dishes, menorahs, hamsas, and even shofars, all hand painted and embellished with jewels and plaques bearing sacred text. Shraga Landesman and Avner Agayof both work in metal, manufacturing menorahs, Sabbath candlesticks, honey dishes and more.. Landesman works with subjects from nature but schematizes them and portrays them in cut and cast metal, while Avner Agayof works in a hyper-minimalist aesthetic, using mostly anodized aluminum. Adina Plastelina, a workshop located in Old Jaffa, creates beautiful, vibrant hamsas as well as mezuzah cases out of pewter and polymer clay. Their work combines a hip, young aesthetic with the timelessness of pewter. David Fisher creates beautiful laser-cut paper decorations that are as delicate as lace. Ready for framing, these works in paper combine sacred text with popular motifs, like the seven species and Old Jerusalem, as well as floral and foliate motifs. Sculptor David Gerstein's large-scale work can be found in cities around the world. Now you can purchase an autographed Gerstein, suitably sized to hang in your home, or even a David Gerstein menorah.

Finally we have many artists who work in a more traditional, representational vein. Serigraphs as well as hand signed and number prints of Jerusalem scenes are available from Gregory Kohelet and Zina Roitman, among others.

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