One of the most unique and talented Israeli artists is Jordana Klein, originally from North America and now based in Jerusalem. Her bold, colorful style combines Jewish tradition with a modern flair, creating mezmerizing pieces from paintings that have been featured in galleries around the world to practical Judaica pieces and home decor.

Our store carries dozens of beautiful pieces by Jordana Klein, all hand-crafted right in Israel! Full of stunning color and inspired by Biblical tradition, Judaism, and the Land of Israel, these make for unforgettable gifts for holidays, housewarmings, or any other special occasion.

Explore Jordana's vibrant designs on challah trays, challah covers, Kiddush cups, Passover essentials, tallit bags, blessings art, and more!

And check out our top 10 favorite pieces of Judaica and Jewish art by Jordana Klein below:

1. "Shabbat Table" Large Glass Challah Tray

This elegant glass challah tray from Jordana Klein's Jerusalem studio will add warmth to every shabbat and holiday in your home, and also makes for a festive housewarming or hostess gift. The artwork features shabbat candles and a challah set against an array of beautiful, vibrant colors. You can also add a special stand at an extra cost, to display the tray as a gorgeous work of art when not being used to cut and serve challah.

Get it with a matching "Shabbat Table" Challah Cover here.

2. Pomegranate Challah Cover with Blue Border

Made of machine-washable microfiber material, this gorgeous challah cover displays a bright, red pomegranate against a colorful background. The pomegranate is an ancient Biblical and Jewish symbol, representing abundance and beauty, and is one of the Seven Species indigenous to the Land of Israel. A wonderful gift for any Jewish woman or lover of Israel!

Get it with a matching Pomegranate Glass Challah Tray here.

3. Colorful Letter Shin Kiddush Cup and Saucer

Every shabbat and Jewish holiday meal begins with the Kiddush blessing over wine or grape juice, and you'll be able to start your festivities with color and flair with this vibrant Kiddush cup! It's decorated with the Hebrew letter Shin, representing one of the Divine Names, along with multicolored swirls reminiscent of flames. The cup is elegantly crafted out of ceramic and silver leaf, and comes with a matching saucer to prevent spills.

And check out this design on a Colorful Shin Tallit Bag and Glass Challah Tray.

4. "Am Yisrael Chai" Decorative Glass Cube

Express your Jewish pride with the famous slogan of Jewish strength and resilience, "Am Yisrael Chai" ("The People of Israel Live"), on this decorative glass cube! Jordana Klein created this special piece after the attacks of October 7th, 2023, as a show of Jewish defiance that can be displayed in any home. Featuring the famous phrase in a stylish Hebrew script against a colorful backdrop, the cube comes in a choice of sizes and makes for an unforgettable gift.

A similar design is also available with a Prayer for Israeli Soldiers.

5. Jerusalem Tallit Bag

If you or a loved one prays with a tallit, there's no better way to protect it than with this Jerusalem tallit bag by Jordana Klein. Made of poly twill fabric, it features a reproduction of Jordana's stunning painting of the Old City of Jerusalem, complete with the Holy City's deep blue sky and a colorful depiction of its famous architecture. You or that special someone will love this tallit bag as a gift for a Bar Mitzvah, wedding, Father's Day, or just because!

Browse the rest of Jordana Klein's Jerusalem-themed Judaica here.

6. Home Blessing Glass Cube with Colorful Abstract Rainbow

The bold hues that Jordana Klein is famous for really shine through in this bestselling home blessing glass cube. Uniquely vibrant and available in a choice of sizes, it features a traditional Hebrew home blessing set against an abstract, rainbow-colored design. It can be displayed as both a work of art and a meaningful religious item anywhere in the home, making it a wonderful and versatile Jewish gift!

And check out this design on a Rainbow Challah Tray, Challah Cover, and Tallit Bag.

7. "Judaism of Joy" Large Glass Challah Tray

For a blend of Jewish symbolism and modern artistry, you can't go wrong with this artistic challah tray made of tempered glass. It boasts a beautifully colorful medley of Jewish and Israeli motifs: the Israeli flag with its iconic Star of David, the stone walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, radiant shabbat candles, and loaves of challah. Add on the optional display stand, and show it off as an eye-catching work of art when not in use on shabbat.

Get it with a matching "Judaism of Joy" Challah Cover and Kiddush Cup here.

8. Colorful Star of David Tallit Bag

Anyone who has a tallit and is proud of their Jewish identity will love this magnificent Star of David tallit bag! The poly twill bag is made right in Israel and fits any standard, folded tallit or prayer shawl. It features an elegant black base together with Jordana Klein's artistic representation of a colorful, abstract Star of David. This bestelling bag is bound to be a cherished Judaica item for years to come!

And check out this design on a Colorful Star of David Large Glass Challah Tray.

9. "Hatikva" Lyrics Glass Cube

This ornamental glass cube speaks to the Jewish soul and its special connection to the Land of Israel, by featuring the poignant lyrics of the famous song "Hatikva" that eventually became Israel's national anthem. The Hebrew text of the song is accompanied by the word "Hatikva" ("The Hope") on top and two doves, with a painted blue background. Don't miss out on this meaningful work of art!

A similar design is also available with a Prayer for the Home.

10. Seven Species Kiddush Cup and Saucer

Rounding out our list is another gorgeous piece of shabbat Judaica from Jordana Klein's Jerusalem studio: a ceramic Kiddush cup featuring silver accents and artwork of the Biblical Seven Species of the Land of Israel. Bursting with color, style, and religious meaning, this will be your new holiday favorite! It also comes with an accompanying saucer and a chic gift box.

Get it with a matching Seven Species Large Glass Challah Tray and Challah Cover here.

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