The wearing of a tallit (or prayer shawl) is one of the most special Jewish religious acts. It comes directly from the Torah, and the fringes on the tallit are to remind the Jewish people of the mitzvot (commandments).

There are two types of tallitot (the plural of tallit). There is the tallit gadol, which is what most people think of when they hear the word tallit. This is the large prayer shawl worn at a bar or bat mitzvah, during morning prayers, and when getting married. They are often beautifully decorated and given as a gift to a child who is reaching bar or bat mitzvah age. The other type is the tallit katan, which is a four-cornered undershirt with tzitzit attached that observant Jews wear every day, either with the tzitzit tucked inside their pants or left hanging out.

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And if you'd like to take on this tradition and are looking for the perfect tallit - or are perhaps looking to give one to a loved one as a beautifully meaningful gift for a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, or other special occasion - you'll need this guide to all the different types of stunning tallitot you can get from Israel's best artists!

Traditional Tallit

Tallitot can be made from wool, cotton, linen, or silk, but many authorities on Jewish law champion wool as the ideal material. At Judaica WebStore, we carry a wonderful selection of traditional tallitot, made from pure, unblended wool, with blue or black stripes. This classic design has evolved over the years to include decorative corners and collars in a variety of colors and sizes. Looking for something a little more unique? A tallit's stripes can really play off a person's personality, from this Chabad style tallit in bold black and white, to this one with gleaming gold stripes.

❤︎ We love this Hermonit Tallit in Light Blue and this Navy Blue Striped Tallit.

Modern Tallit

Our range of modern tallitot include shawls made of a blend of synthetic fibers, which is great for vegans and those who want to avoid animal products such as silk and wool. Many are simple yet stylish and feature the traditional blue striped design, but we also have an array of tallitot that feature decorative stripes and stunning designs like Jerusalem. We also have tallitot with backgrounds in beautiful colors, finishes, and sizes. In this section, you will also find the famously colorful Bnei Or Tallit with stripes in every color. These tallitot are perfect for everyday use, and for keeping in the back of synagogues for visitors who may not have their own.

❤︎ We love this Colorful Jerusalem Tallit Set and this stunning Seven Species Tallit.

Designer Tallit

Our designer tallitot are truly spectacular and come from some of Israel's top artists and designers. Many of these tallitot incorporate hand-painted designs, intricate embroideries, and stunning appliques in vibrant colors, like this Sheer Lilac Tallit or this stunning Floral Tallit. Brightly colored tallitot make magnificent gifts for those who enjoy making a statement and standing out among the crowd. You can choose between a solid white background and let the decorations do the talking, like with this Embroidered Tree of Life Tallit, or let the colors of tallit itself impress those around you, as with this vibrant Blue Jerusalem Tallit.

❤︎ We love this stunning Gold Striped Tallit and this Jerusalem Tallit.

Tallitot for Women

While traditionally only men have worn a tallit, more and more women are also embracing the mitzvah, and Israeli designers are creating gorgeous tallitot to meet the demand! We have a wide selection of women's tallitot, featuring fabulous feminine motifs designed specifically with the Jewish woman in mind. Many flaunt floral designs, like this Blue Embroidered Floral Tallit and this Embroidered Silk Tallit designed by the renowned Yair Emanuel. For something more classic, check out this elegant White Lace Tallit.

❤︎ We love this colorful Tree of Life Tallit and this Pomegranates Tallit from celebrated Israeli designer Yair Emanuel.

Tzitzit (Tallit Katan)

In addition to a regular tallit used for prayer, some observant Jews wear a tallit katan (literally, "small tallit") throughout their day - also simply known as "tzitzit" or a tzitzit shirt, these are four-cornered undershirts with the traditional ritual fringes attached to serve as a constant reminder of the commandments. We carry comfortable and kosher tzitzit undershirts in children's and adult sizes, and even a dri-fit option for exercise. And don't forget our convenient laundry protector for ease in washing the intricately braided fringes!

❤︎ We love this Men's White Cotton Undershirt Tzitzit that's perfect for everyday wear.

Tekhelet Blue Tzitzit Strings

The original Biblical commandment called for adding a blue string called tekhelet to the white tzitzit fringes on one's tallit or shirt. While the exact blue dye for this string has been lost for most of Jewish history, and therefore many have a tradition of only wearing white tzitzit strings, modern Israeli scientists and rabbinic authorities have rediscovered the ancient formula, leading to real tekhelet being made once again in Israel! The tallits on our site are made with all-white strings by default, and you may purchase tekhelet separately to add yourself (or have a trusted rabbi do it for you).

❤︎ We love these authentic Woolen Radzyner Tekhelet Strings.

Tallit Clips

Tallitot have a tendency to slip off the shoulders, which can be annoying to constantly fix when praying. But fear not, at Judaica Webstore we have a range of stylish tallit clips that are designed to hold your tallit in place! A subtle way to personalize your tallit, Tallit Clips come in a variety of styles and designs, with many featuring iconic Jewish symbols like the Star of David and the Lion of Judah. Other options include these intricate sterling silver Chai clips, while others allow you to carry a piece of the Holy Land with you everywhere, like these Jerusalem Stone Menorah Clips.

❤︎ We love this elegant handcrafted set of Sterling Silver Star of David Tallit Clips.

Tallit Bags

If you've chosen the perfect tallit, you need the perfect bag to carry and store it in too! We have an alluring selection of high-quality tallit bags that feature some of the most unique artwork in the Judaica world. Many of these bags also include a matching Tefillin bag, added for convenience. You can choose between understated bags like this Chic Black Set or go for something more decorative, like this Blue Jerusalem Tallit Bag. There are even faux leather bags that look as luxurious as the real thing, like these stylish bags available in black or white.

❤︎ We love this Star of David Tallit Bag and this Shema Yisrael Velvet Embroidered Set.

Once you've chosen the perfect Tallit design and a Tallit bag to keep it safe, be sure to check out our informative Tallit Size Buying Guide to help you pick the correct size. Happy shopping!