Woolen Radzyner Tekhelet Tzitzit Strings

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Rediscover a Torah commandment that remained unfulfilled for 1300 years, with these woolen Radzyner Tekhelet strings!

  • Attach these Tekhelet strings to your Tallit (prayer shawl) or your tzizit, and cherish the mitzvah of tekhelet!
  • Available in both thin or thick sizes
  • Makes the perfect supplement to the barmitzvah boy's Tallit gift!

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Four Dark Blue Strings per packet

Choose between thin or thick strings

Drycleaning or handwashing with textile shampoo or Woolite® only

Do not place in dryer

It's all about a squid that almost never stood the test of time.

Tekhelet referes to a blue thread that the Torah commands to be worn together with the other white tzitzit. The Tekhelet dye is derived only from an animal called the Chilazon, a type of squid. The disturbances brought about by our long exile caused the Jewish people to lose the tradition of the exact identity of this creature. In the late1800s, Rabbi Gershom Henoch Leiner, the Radzyner Rabbi, through intensive study and research, identified it as the "cuttlefish".

After the Holocaust, the original prescription for the dye produced according to the Radzyner Rabbi's findings in Poland, was recovered. This is the fascinating story behind these seemingly simple blue strings made available to today's Jewish world!

This set of Tzitzit strings does not include white strings that are used together with Tekhelet.

The dye on these Tzitzit can fade over time and will rub off over time. This is normal and does not mark the strings as defective.

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